The train standing at Cranleigh’s platform 1?

One of our followers – who regularly travels to London sent us the article below. She is presently cleaning her push-bike in readiness for the new Bamford Bike-ride from the eastern villages to Wimbledon every day!


She says: Something to make you laugh, or cry?

So we can all ride, walk or cycle to work now, can we??? – The snide comment that opening it could result in more housing – Crikes – we have taken MORE than our fair share of Housing for the Borough….About time the rest took theirs



Another said: “The road condition along the A281 between Cranleigh and Guildford is now so bad, some believe the existing surface of the Downs Link will soon be an improvement for motorists.”

2 thoughts on “The train standing at Cranleigh’s platform 1?”

  1. The A281 – is a joke…. no sooner do they PATCH the holes up… then they collapse again. Anyone travelling at night (or lets be honest 4pm) cannot see the damn holes and I am just amazed my suspension is still intact. It is a damning indictment on SCC.

    I do understand that Councils have had their Budgets cut – But we are talking about Life threatening roads for cyclists as well as car users. As for pedestrians – Forget it! Very few pavements here in the East of the Borough!!!

    Still waiting SCC for our Pavement on Dunsfold Road …………………………………………….. Maybe a FOI is required to see how much Interest they have made on the £150,000.00 given by Dunsfold Park back in 2015 to provide it???

    Whilst I am ranting…. When are they going to do anything about the MESS that is Alfold Crossways ? it looks shocking – Pavement on it is unusable due to the debris left by recent accidents. We walk the hound around it daily and I promise you we see at least 1 car entering the Crossways via the NO ENTRY lane every day!!

  2. We understand that when the Crossways Junction was first installed, it was called Kamakazi corner by guess who – Surrey County Council highway engineers!!

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