Over to you Captain Bob…Your Borough Needs You?



What a busy, busy summer it’s going to be for Bob Lees’s Protect our Waverley (PoW), as Waverley Borough Council invites residents and other interested parties (Cue stage right: that’s you PoW!) to comment on proposed sites put forward to build another 1,079 homes in the borough.

Waverley’s Local Plan Part II sets out where the homes might be built – including Elstead, Godalming, Haslemere, Milford, and Witley.

Members of the Public (and PoW) have until midday on Monday 9 July to let Waverley Planners know what they think about the proposals set out in Part II of its Local Plan. Knowing how keen PoW is to live up to its name – PROTECT OUR WAVERLEY – the Waverley Web has no doubt that, under the direction of it’s dedicated Chairman, Bob Lees, PoW will be going through Waverley’s Local Plan Part II with a fine curry-comb in order to prepare a plan of campaign every bit as thorough as its war against development at Dunsfold Airfield.

Of course, PoW, is already up to its neck in a rear-guard action as it attempts to Judicially Review Dunsfold Park’s consent for 1800 homes but, knowing what eager beavers they are on behalf of the entire Borough, that won’t deter them from getting stuck into the Local Plan Part II as they know how much residents across the Borough are relying on them to root out and fight the good fight against inappropriate development borough-wide, not just in their own little corner of Alfold and Dunsfold!

In addition to all this, PoW will also be busily pouring over detailed plans for the first phase of Knowle Park, where the former Lettuce King – Nicholas Vrijland and his cohort, Andy Leafy – will be building 265 homes at the former West Cranleigh Nurseries. But, they just want to help Cranleigh – don’t they? Funny really, having set up all those secret meetings with developers, they are trailing along behind them all as fag end Henry’s!

Then, just a hop, skip and a jump away from Knowle Park, there’s Miller Home’s development of the former Hewett’s Industrial Estate, where 100 homes will shortly be underway. 

With so much development going on in and around Cranleigh, local shop-keepers are worried that the knock-on effects of the building works will keep shoppers away from the High Street – especially following the closure, last week, of the NatWest Bank in Stocklund Square, which was a big draw. NatWest customers, who now have to go to Godalming, Horsham or Guildford for their over-the-counter banking needs, are thought likely to defect to Godalming over Cranleigh in their droves.

So, thank God for POW. If ever Waverley needed a committed ‘very large and continually growing number of concerned Waverley residents whose interest is in sustainable, balanced and appropriate development’ it’s now!

So, over to you Cap’n Bob!!! Your Borough Needs YOU!

6 thoughts on “Over to you Captain Bob…Your Borough Needs You?”

  1. WW. Why don’t you do something about these developments? Why are you leaving it to everyone else to stand up and be counted? You are all rant and personal abuse but do nothing. Trinity have told you to STFU so this is your poorly disguised vent.

    1. What??? So you launch another personal attack and tirade against an individual because he hasn’t addressed loads of other developements ( I presume he is tied up fighting on many fronts including the political stitch up that is DP) yet you can’t do anything yourself? Stand up man! Be counted – otherwise shut up with your armchair wingeing.

  2. oh Pepperpig the irony! – getting a Local Plan in place, and getting Dunsfold through WOULD be seeing off all these other developments – something you have campaigned against ensuring more chaos and a developer free for all. Balls in your court.

    1. The Local Plan is in place – so your faux protests are silly. Just ask Elstead and Milford Parishes what they think of WBCs Local Plan riding roughshod over their Neighbourhood Plans. Funny how WBC had 4 developments where planners were minded to approve but Council specifically held them back until after the local Plan was approved so they could get a PR coup of u-turning and refuse them immediately.

      WW. Do I detect you are trying to put up a smokescreen of worthy blog posts to disguise the clear vendetta that this blog has been for so long? Sock-puppets and lies doesn’t make you any less visible.

      1. you sound more paranoid every day. Do you read anything else on this blog other than posts about Dunsfold? There’s a big wide borough out there, with more interesting subjects to comment upon.

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