Come on Surrey County Council – do the decent thing.

Suppose we have to forgive them for getting their priorities right. Surrey is far too busy building a new empire to concern itself with the stuff of our disadvantaged children’s lives?
We all know where our Waverley MP”s stand on the subject. We wonder WHY?
So come on  Surrey County Council – get to it – and you can do it!
If they can do it in Conservative-run Kensington & Chelsea they can do it here in Surrey for our vulnerable youngsters. Children that have had their education and their lives, disrupted and will be paying for this pandemic for decades to come.


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One thought on “Come on Surrey County Council – do the decent thing.”

  1. Some weeks ago the Government provided a “Hardship Fund” grant to Local Government to help in local cases where people have lost income due to Covid-19. Most Councils had already spent/allocated these funds BEFORE the free school meals fiasco. So can the MInisters of Her Majesty’s Government really not see these banana skins coming?

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