Chancellor Jeremy pulling in PR firm to help Conservatives to win Waverley?


Residents of Waverley will be pleased to hear that Chancellor Jeremy Hunt isn’t just concentrating on the nation’s finances.

Although he has ditched Farnham in favour of the Godalming/Ash/Bramley and Cranleigh general election constituency,  he has brought in a PR Agency to help in the forthcoming borough elections. Is he panicking?


PR Agent. Adam Hanrahan says on his website.

Jeremy Hunt, Adam Hanrahan, and “sleepy” Goodridge, seeking to win the Bramley & Wonersh seat and who is prone to taking the odd nap during Waverley Council Meetings.

So how we wonder, is Mr Hanrahan paid for through the Tory candidate’s election expenses? Now there’s a job for the new Monitoring Officer. 

So, worried is Chancellor Jeremy over the forthcoming May elections that he has set aside holding the country’s purse strings – to pull a few strings on his home patch. With help from his top-notch Public Relations mates, he is attempting to prop up the image of Conservative candidates who hope to sweep the board in all 50 of Waverley’s council seats. Whoever said that man doesn’t have ambitions to rule!

Might it have been an idea for PR Guru Adam Hanrahan to have suggested to all those wannabe candidates that they say where they live? That is, just in case the unsuspecting public in Farnham, Cranleigh, Godalming and Haslemere actually think the Tory candidates live in the wards they want to represent.

By contrast – rather than pulling in PR firms to capture seats, couldn’t they follow all those other individuals and parties, Farnham Residents’ Independents, Greens, Labour, and Liberal Democrats, who deliver their own leaflets, do their own canvassing or use volunteers?

 So when you get things through your post box from Adam Hanrahan – you know he’s working for The Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Sometimes over here at the Waverley Web HQ we despair.



4 thoughts on “Chancellor Jeremy pulling in PR firm to help Conservatives to win Waverley?”

  1. The conservatives have destroyed local democracy in Surrey with mass unsustainable building development. Local councils have been overruled at every turn. Now Hunt steps in when the damage is done to side with the residents, what a very deceitful man

  2. The first thing I look for when choosing a candidate to vote for is that he/she lives in my ward. If I see ‘Address in Waverley’ I assume that they are hiding that they don’t. For a local election that is not good enough.

  3. Mass resignation in Cranleigh????? ‘We have four vacancies for Parish Councillors on our #Cranleigh East Ward to fill by co-option. Interested? Contact the Cranleigh Parish Council for more information and an application form. Closing date 09 May 2023 for co-option at the May Council meeting.’

  4. I wonder why Mr Hanrahan decided to leave the Liberal Democrats, given he seemed to enjoy his time as a Lib Dem councilor..? I thought the usual Waverley bunch were against people crossing the floor?

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