More new homes about to be planted on a former garden centre in Alfold.

Its raining concrete – halleluiah? 

Developers – Alfold Estates is digging in for 56 new homes – 19 of which it claims will be “affordable” – only months after receiving permission for 10 homes – two of which were “affordable.”

Yup, you did read that right, in the infamous words of Grace Brothers: ‘Going up!’ From 10 to 56 – that’s a whopping 460% increase!!!

We don’t like to say we told you so but … oh, go on then, why hold back?

We bloody well told you so!

The size of the site of the former Wyevale Garden Centre is the same as the previously approved scheme but the developer has just got greedier. Though at least this is a Brownfield site due to it being – a garden centre – and there won’t be many of those judging by the development we have witnessed.

Isn’t increasing numbers once permission has been granted getting to be a bit of a habit in this borough of ours?

 A month ago Waverley agreed to allow A2 Dominion to remove all the affordable homes in Phase 1 of its consent for 265  in nearby Alfold Road, Cranleigh.  It intends to put them in one great lump across the road at West Cranleigh Nurseries. Now the developer wants to increase the 67 to 75 of phase 1. saying – “Please Sir – can we have more? 

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Here’s what Alfold’s councillor Kevin Deanus said last time: No doubt he will have another fight on his hands – 

Has the Alfold Bobby’s tirade stopped the creation of Alfold New Town?

Because here’s what the developer claims: There is unprecedented housing need and the Government wants 300,000 homes built every year to meet the need.

  •  There is concern Waverley itself is not producing enough homes to meet the identified need.
  • Only 519 completions in the borough 2017-2018. Falling short of the 590 p.a. in the Local Plan Part 1. Reminding  Waverley has also continuously delayed the production of its Local Plan `Part 2 and Neighbourhood Plans which demonstrates that the council DOES NOT  have a five-year land supply. Completely ignores the 1,800 homes permitted a few hundred yards away!

The locals cannot believe how Cr*p the Alfold scheme is. They claim there is nothing innovative about the builds asking:  – “How many houses in Alfold have balconies and Teeny Tiny front Patios?? The developer’s  Design & Access statement regurgitates all the usual drivel of the wealth of facilities in the Village within walking distance.

An M & S and a cafe = a self-service in a garage with a drink dispenser!   Residents have no idea where the Café is…. Any ideas appreciated.

One told the WW…

“I am so glad that you can walk down Loxwood road to the Vets – Apart from General Appointments how many people walk their sick dogs to the Vets for 1/2hr???” This developer like all the others is Piggy-Backing off the back of the Dunsfold Park Development saying it is they (Dunsfold Park) who is going to provide all the new Infrastructure for the Village – so why should they have to??

If the residents of Awfold, Bramley, Kerchingfold, Cranleigh, Duncefold, Where-Has-all-the-traffic-Comb-from et al had only listened to the better informed they might well have avoided all the over-development of the countryside that is now raining down upon them.


What are they offering the Village of Alfold? NOTHING except more Houses and Traffic – There has been no Real consultation with the Village just a few meetings with Neighbours, Parish Council and WBC – What about the Village?– This is development by stealth because they don’t think anyone in the Village will notice it. Grumpy Denise of  Alfold.

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8 thoughts on “More new homes about to be planted on a former garden centre in Alfold.”

  1. Greed all round. they are spoiling the reason for moving to the country?
    Godalming newcomers are now moving out because it isn’t the place they moved too.
    No because it has been spoilt by them.

    1. It really is truly amazing. Over there in the east of the borough we heard that one buyer of a new property put their house on the market within months of moving in. Saying – ” Cranleigh isn’t quite the rural idyll I was led to believe it was.”

      There are Cherry Tree Walks, and Gossamer Groves appearing all over the borough — not Asphalt Avenue, or Concrete Crescent.

  2. WW – Thank you for Sharing my “Grumpiness” – Because that is what I am with this New Application. Alfold Estates is a LONDON based Company with No links to Alfold. A director who has approx. 18 other Appointments for various London based Development Companies.

    The 17 “Affordable” Homes are predominantly around the section of the site that abuts the Petrol Station (handy for the M&S no doubt) with the other 2 three bed “Affordable” Homes conveniently located on the Entrance from the A281.

    However for the Market homes, many of them have “Attic” Rooms effectively making them 3 storey as well as “Loft space” above their Garages – for Home workers?? – More like extra Bedrooms.

    These Developers have also put in Design layouts that show that the site could actually accommodate far more homes – Which it probably could if you make them 3 or 4 stories high, but what they DO NOT seem to appreciate is that this small Village has such limited facilities. The Bus services are abysmal and they shouldn’t be relying on what the DP development will do – as that is years down the road, apart from the access to the A281

    SCC do not think there will be any impact on the A281 with 100 odd extra cars as apparently (and I quote)

    “RC discussed the requirements for a Transport Statement and raised the issue of historic vs proposed traffic flows IW confirmed that while there was a slight increase during peak hours for the proposed development, the former garden centre would have generated significantly more traffic during the day. RC confirmed that he was comfortable that no further analysis of traffic impacts would be required on this basis”

    We all know that the majority of people visiting the Garden Centre did so on Weekends and during the day (NOT RUSH HOURS) so that is a ridiculous Statement and begs the Competency of these people.

    Finally (for now) I am afraid I have to correct your statement of Brownfield Land. Only 1.2HA was in use by the Garden Centre out of the total 2.88HA which is 41.6%. If I could attach a picture on this site to show you the difference between the two layouts you would see what I mean, But I cannot so I will email it to you later.

    So much for the Dunsfold Park stopping all this unsustainable development. What was the Point of the Local Plan if it cannot be adhered to? Alfold will easily make its Min. target of 125 new homes in the coming years.

    So much for Happy Sundays…. Back to my Tax Return – It is more fun than thinking about this!!
    Grumpily – Denise

  3. Possibly your tax Return is more fun than watching the concrete spread? If it is any consolation what is going on over here in Farnham just goes from bad to worse.

  4. WW – I know as I have always said – If we stuck together as a Borough instead of Hoping that Development would happen “ELSEWHERE” we may have stopped this. You have always championed Farnham – and I don’t blame you for that If I lived there I would do the same – But I Don’t – I live here in the East in Alfold A lovely – but basic Rural Village – so it is NOT Nimbyism it is just that there is no Fairness about this and if it is Approved I will Kick Ar****

    We are in this Sh1tty Place where Developers are STILL leading our Local Plan – For goodness sakes WBC – SORT THIS OUT

  5. Well spoken. Hundreds of us who saw this coming agree wholeheartedly with those sentiments. The problems with Waverley are entirely due to self interest by those who could have changed things for the better. The planners, the cabal of councillors who gang together to prevent development in their pretty villages and dump in areas of less infrastructure (and insufficient numbers of councillors) and, worst of all, Surrey County Council (RC). He (RC) seems, for some unknown reason, to have no real interest in anything outside County Hall and it defies belief that he seriously believes his pronouncements himself.
    Is their not some Ombudsman who can be persuaded to look into WBC and SCC to examine the underlying reasons for this whole mess?

  6. Dumping on Farnham and on Cranleigh was top priority at Waverley Towers. At least our Farnham councillors have worked tirelessly to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan – but sadly your councillors over there colluded with the planning officers to create Cranleigh New Town.
    One of them is dead, the other half of the Ellis duo has been selected to go back and fight her seat and we understand the other duo – The Stennetts want to go back and do even more damage over there. Because they are backing all their mates planning applications to ensure Cranleigh shops (mainly charity shops) get more footfall and the developer-led Plan can forge ahead.

    Thanks to Protect `Our Waverley – the Local `Plan is still not out of the woods – as it seeks leave to appeal – whilst in the meantime the trees and hedgrows still face the chop.

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