Will Farnham Tories stop at nothing to regain power?


No doubt it is painful.  Very painful, for the South West Surrey Conservative Association to have lost the powerful hold it once held over the borough of Waverley.

The pain must be particularly excruciating and hard to bare over here in Farnham. Where the Tories managed to retain just one seat – the remainder captured by liberal Democrats and Farnham Residents (FRG).  Even then the sitting Tory was not opposed.

The Farnham Residents’ Association was determined to release the iron grip of a group of pale, and stale Tories – well past their sell-by date. The FRG is now part of the Rainbow Coalition running ‘Your Waverley.’

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But no they were just taking a leaf out of the Government’s school book! We want to trust our politicians – don’t we?

Headline: DfE accused of propaganda over school cuts

You won’t believe this.

The Government has launched a new website to imitate schoolcuts.org.uk.

But the Department of Education’s website fails to show parents the real picture. School funding cuts continue to shortchange children across the country.

You already know the numbers:

1. Schools don’t have what they need to run their core budgets — 83% of schools in England still lose out this year compared to 2015.

2. Nursery schools are on the brink of closure — Without a funding increase that covers their increased costs, 389 nursery schools are facing cuts or closure next year.

3. Children with SEND are being left out — Over 2,700 children with special educational needs are still waiting for a school place.

Despite the Government’s claims to level up school funding, we know headteachers don’t have money in the bank to run their schools right now.

Help parents and teachers uncover the truth by sharing schoolcuts.org.uk:

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We’ve come so far in the 3 years since we launched this campaign. We’ve won concession after concession from successive Prime Ministers. There is now no debate that schools have been under immense financial pressure.  
The upcoming Spring Budget on 11 March is an opportunity to ramp up pressure on the Government to provide adequate funding for every child, from nursery to college.
Stay tuned as we escalate this campaign.
Andrew Baisley,

Data Analyst, National Education Union.

If you live in the eastern part of the borough you can write to the Honourable Angela – who has recently been made one of Boris’s babes new parliamentary private secretaries for education. She has lots of experience on the subject having been educated in New Zealand, and having educated her three chidren in private schools.
She can be contacted at: angela.richardson.mp@parliament.uk



8 thoughts on “Will Farnham Tories stop at nothing to regain power?

  1. Not the first time the Tories have tried this pretence to mislead the public on Twitter. Remember this during the General Election campaign just last year?

    “Twitter threatens to BAN the Tory Party after their press team ‘attempts to mislead’ public by changing their online name to FactCheckUK during election debate”

    Doesn’t seem that they’ve learnt their lesson yet!

    • Having been the one that stumbled upon this yesterday I reported it to the senior councillors of the FR group yesterday – who I’m sure will report it to the electoral commission (and if they don’t, I will as this sort of behaviour contributes to why people do not trust politicians, even the ones that are trying to help).

      But the lesson from the General Election was that you can lie and lie, win – then get a slap on the wrist.

  2. The SW Surrey Conservative comms team are pretty incompetent as well as underhand. Their handling of social media has been inept and misguided. How many more times can their brazen cheating be revealed without them learning that residents see through their deceit?

  3. How much longer can this disreputable bunch of politicians get away with their dishonourable actions. Is there any accountability? If not, honesty is being sacrificed in a bid for power.

  4. I agree with Blah Blah, the twitter account in question has only 31 Followers, so a pretty pathetic attempt at Social Media. As well as being misleading.

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