They seek her here – they seek her there – in Alfold they’re seeking Anne Milton everywhere.

So where’s the new girl on the block? And, has anyone seen our Jeremy?

As floodwater and sewerage rise all over Waverley – the eastern villages want to know –

Where are our flood forums?

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 17.38.02.pngThe sewers are overflowing and the tankers are out!

Here’s a message we received from Mr Peter Hartley, one of our followers, in response to numerous e-mails he had received from worried villagers in Alfold.

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 17.28.22.png

Given that Thames Water sets aside £100M+ per annum for ‘Contingencies’, and given that Thames Water made COMMITMENTS to our previous MP to resolve the Sewerage Flooding situation, it seems to me that it is time to ‘Go Public’ in the National Press.  (I will certainly raise the matter on Social Media.)

You heard it here on the Waverley Web first.

Looking at the confusion within Thames Water, and the ‘Sacking’ of TW’s previous CEO for failing to make good his commitment to cut leaks, I have LOST ALL FAITH in Thames Water.

We all (locally) KNOW the problem – so does Thames Water.  We also KNOW the solution (as does Thames Water).

Quite simply, Thames Water is trying to avoid Expenditure to solve a 40-year problem, approximate cost, now risen from £12M in 2016 to £14.5M in 2020.

I have attached some email correspondence which I had with Thames Water, back in 2018.  Enjoy !

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 17.32.09.png


So our message to the Hon Angela is quite simple. Your honeymmon is over. It is time  to cut down on the the selfies, the PR and sucking up to Boris, Babe. Reduce your quest to find ways onto as many internal committees, think tanks and select committees as you can  in your efforts to climb up the greasy pole and start concentrating on the serious issues in the constituency.  

Take a leaf out of Paul Follows book?  And get all the flood forums created by Anne Milton up and running again!! Now?

Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 08.59.05.png


14 thoughts on “They seek her here – they seek her there – in Alfold they’re seeking Anne Milton everywhere.”

  1. I would like to mention Liz Townsend also as a councillor that works non stop for her community and has done for a long time, thank you Liz for all your hard work.

    1. Yes Sandra – we hear amazing reports of her good work, which mainly go unreported. However, we understand from villagers over there in your patch that she works tirelessly behind the scenes. Hopefully, one day her contributions towards a better Waverley will be rewarded.

      A Neighbourhood Plan produced practically single-handed – capturing 106 monies to provide infrastructure for an eastern village which seems to be getting the lions share of development but scarce resources.

  2. I sent a email offering assistance to any and all councillors in the East of the borough (in case they needed anything over the course of the storm).

    We have had a few issues in Godalming, and some further issues in Tilford and Cranleigh. Have certainly spoken to a few Cllrs in that area too – Liz Townsend, Ruth Reed and Richard Cole today as things have progressed.

    Few issues in Milford / Witley too on station lane and around that area.

    Borough resilience officer, our Comms manager and our sustainability officer have been fantastic is keeping us updated today.

    1. It was great to receive the emergency services information and the updates on the flooding situation. Good to hear councillors and officers working so well in dreadful conditions.

  3. Good that some of the councillors are doing their work – Yet to hear from MP Angela Richardson – As you rightly say too busy with the politics at Whitehall – Who cares about Cranleigh and local villages? – ANNE MILTON… Bally nightmare here unless you have good Waterproof boots.. (OH’s Christmas Pressy!)

    1. So pleased to hear your other half was ahead of the game with new boots.

      As you say, all quiet on the Honourable Angela front! Perhaps Anne Milton will oblige by calling the Flood Forums to attention! Or, perhaps the Hon Angela should get up-to-date with Ms Milton’s brief because she held all the statutory agencies to account – and achieved results.

  4. Would very much like to receive pictures of the Elmbridge Road. Is that the same Elmbridge Road where Thakeham Homes was granted planning consent to build on the floodplain – after the developer was asked to join council planning officers around the PO’s round table? A first for Waverley? A disgraceful abuse – which hopefully will never be repeated under the new administration?

    We can be contacted with pictures on

    We cannot help wondering what Waverley would look like if it received a similar rainfall to the deluge that was endured in South Wales?

      1. Yes. Everyone was gobsmacked to see representatives of Thakeham Homes sitting at the table with the planning officers, answering questions and batting off objections from councillors?
        Unheard of!

        It was quite extraordinary. The MP Anne Milton wrote to the Tory Administration seeking an explanation she was so shocked.

        Cllr Hyman, had pictures of the flood levels marked up on a brick building by the side of the Cranleigh Waters river, and the officers refused to have these measurements and photos introduced. Why?

        We will try and find the post of the Thakeham decision and the film of the floods.
        We have tonight received another film from a Cranleigh motorist which reveals the serious flooding to-day around the site. We will put this up as a post. We will also forward it to you.

      2. They actually had the neck to sit with the planning officers and when Cllr Hyman raised his Very valid points he was told in no uncertain terms by Chairman Isherwood that THEY were the EXPERTS – and yet they were in the pay of Thakeham Homes??

        Many of us raised our concerns about this meeting and the fact that they had ignored Local opinion and Facts.
        Here is a link from the Alfold Village Website of Elmbridge Road – Don’t know how it will come out

  5. As a former parish councillor it would have been nice to have spotted on the Cranleigh Parish Council website that the newly elected MP had the good manners to turn up to a council meeting after her success at the polls.

    She could have bid her colleagues a firm farewell and thanked them for co-opting her into its ranks. She could also have thanked them for giving her a bunk up the greasy pole she has been climbing ever since she arrived from our neighbouring village of Ewhurst.

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