As cases of Coronavirus infected residents of Surrey grows – advice increases on how to stay safe and well.

Thankfully the locals in Haslemere haven’t lost their sense of humour… yet?

But another resident did overstep the mark by putting up a fake breaking news image on the Haslemere community board, saying Haslemere had been locked down due to a mutated coronavirus. This was taken down as it was… 


The Haslemere Health Centre was closed for deep cleaning but is now open.
WW understands a special ward has already been prepared to take flu sufferers at The Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford – though as yet, it has not been supplied with necessary equipment including  any protective body suites or gloves.
 Foreign Office Minister Nigel Adams told MP’s at Westminster yesterday (Monday) that the  Government was sending equipment valued at 5m euros,  including laboratory testing euipment and body suits to Iran where the virus is spreading fast. It was also contributing with other countries to a 40m euros vaccine research project.
SW Surrey MP Jeremy Hunt asked if the Prime Minister had/will  put extreme pressure on the Iranian Authorities to ensure that no harm comes to UK citizens held in Iranian prisons, including Nazanin Zahari- Radcliffe.

The British charity worker and mum who has been unfairly jailed for nearly four years is believed to have contracted the virus.

Joint statement on coronavirus cases in Surrey and West Sussex.

But please note:Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 21.44.01.png

This afternoon the Chief Medical Officer for England announced three further patients who were “close contacts of a known case”, had tested positive for COVID-19. These relate to a man who tested positive in Surrey on Friday 28 February so brings the total number of confirmed cases in Surrey to two. We can also confirm the other two cases in this family cluster have been confirmed in West Sussex. All cases are adults and are not health workers.

Ruth Hutchinson, Interim Director of Public Health for Surrey County Council, and Anna Raleigh, Director of Public Health for West Sussex County Council, have issued a joint statement following the Chief Medical Officer’s update.

They said: “We are working closely together and with Public Health England and the NHS to make sure everything possible is being done to protect people in our respective counties and minimise the spread of the virus.

“We’re receiving regular updates from colleagues at Public Health England who are already making good progress in contacting anyone who has been in close contact with the individuals to provide them with advice about what to do if they start to feel unwell, and how to manage if they are told to self-isolate.

“This work is a key way of minimising any risk to them and the wider public and while this is fast-moving situation we would like to reassure everyone that our county councils and health colleagues are well-prepared and doing all we can to minimise the chances of further cases.

“Anyone who is not contacted directly by PHE should continue to go about their life as normal but take extra care to follow public health advice on simple steps we can all take to help reduce the risk of infection.”

Dr James Mapstone, Acting Regional Director (South of England) for Public Health England, added: “PHE is providing specialist advice to local authority partners around two confirmed cases in Surrey and two in West Sussex. The four cases are part of an adult family cluster. We are aware of the people they have been in contact with and we are making contact with those people to issue appropriate advice and steps to take if they start to feel unwell.”


  • The confirmed cases are not GPs or health workers. Contact tracing is underway and that includes testing some people. It is not surprising that a GP surgery has closed for cleaning as that is part of the primary care guidance.
  • The tracing and managing of contacts who have had significant exposure to confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus is being co-ordinated by Public Health England.
  • The process starts with a predetermined list of information being collected on each patient. This includes details of any places visited following the onset of symptoms or, in the case of travellers, since they arrived in the UK.
  • This is either done by the clinician caring for the patient or in conjunction with them. Translation services will used if needed to ensure the information is as accurate as possible.
  • Information is also collected about significant contacts – those people in close contact with the case while symptomatic, such household members, fellow travellers etc.
  • Using the available information, all close contacts of the case will be assessed and either categorised into high or low risk.  All contacts will be provided with health advice about symptoms and given emergency contact details to use if they develop symptoms in the 14 days after the exposure occurred.
  • Those considered to be at higher risk will have a verbal assessment of their health and their health will be monitored on a daily basis and they will asked to self-isolate.  Should any of the group report symptoms they will be assessed and offered testing in line with current guidance.
  • Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 21.43.32.png

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