Welcome to Waverley – Jeremy Shunt.

What were you doing during your Gap Year Jeremy?

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While the rest of us were standing in overcrowded trains, waiting for three weeks for a GP appointment, or standing – yes standing room only  in the A & E, were you enjoying your gap year Jeremy. Tell us please, were you refreshed by taking time out from being  an entrepreneur as we continued to choke on traffic fumes and dust in Farnham Town Centre?

That is until you popped back to Planet Waverley just in time for your re- election?

Now back in harness after your welcome break, it appears that you and your Tory colleagues believe the new  Waverley Brough Council  is to blame for dragging its feet over dealing with Farnhams air pollution issues.

So just in case you have forgotten – because we realise your memory is very short – as you have already forgotten your decade-long career as head honcho in the NHS – that Waverley was led by the Tories from the year Its official – Jeremy Hunt has contracted a deadly virus – AMNESIA!

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And – you have been the MP for South West Surrey since…

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 The dangerous issue of poor air quality has been with us all throughout that time and has worsened year on year.

Children have been walked to school with their Ventolin inhalers tucked into their pockets ready to hand over to teacher? However, parents, needed instructions to walk their children to school to save polluting the atmosphere further, whilst the HGV’s thundered past!

So now that a new Administration has taken over – made up of every other political and non political group is carrying the Waverley banner – declaring  a Climate Emergency within weeks of taking over…

Guess who is getting the blame for inaction?

 It is now Waverley Borough Council’s new administration that is at  fault for inaction on Farnham’s pollution. Pollution that is being made dramatically worse by completely unrealistic housing targets set by A Government which you aspired to lead!

We suggest you join the Comedy Club Jeremy Shunt – because if this wasn’t so serious – it would be laughable.





2 thoughts on “Welcome to Waverley – Jeremy Shunt.”

  1. I hear Mr Hunt has a meeting scheduled with the Leaders at Waverley Council at the end of this month. He’s cancelled before – will he cancel again?

  2. We will all have to wait and see whether he turns up! However, he should be downright ashamed of himself for taking the best part of a year to pluck up the courage to deal with anyone other than a Tory-controlled outfit.

    At least the Guildford MP has managed to find the time in her busy diary to meet the new team running Waverley.

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