Guildford MP pitches to open Guildford – Cranleigh trainline.

They say a week is a long time in politics but for The Hon Angela it takes only moments to change her mind.

When interviewed by The Guildford Dragon’s Martin Gates. She was adamant… she would not support the re-opening of the Horsham to Guildford line.

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Ask Angela if you live in Guildford and the Waverley eastern villages?

Here she is doing her volte face in the House of Commons supporting the opening of the Cranleigh To Guildford line!

Guildford MP Angela Richardson delivers her Maiden speech in the House of Commons this week:

The Maiden Speech is a conventional and traditional speech that describes the constituency with some anecdotes, perhaps describes the MPs challenges and hopes for the future.

Waverley Web was therefore flabbergasted to see Our Angela pitching the notion of opening the  Cranleigh – Guildord trainline, particularly when she said in an interview shortly before the election that she would NOT support it. Re-opening the line was something that might have been possible in 2006, but now seems very pie in the sky. Successive scoping reports from Surrey County Council and National Rail have all said the costs would never be recouped from the passengers of Cranleigh Village, and without a magic Dunsfold money tree, the idea was just a heritage steam enthusiasts wet dream. Even Dunsfold’s Flying Scotsman gave up the hope.

It was a constant fear of her predecessor Anne Milton, of whom she spoke so highly, during her speech, that to open up the railway would open the floodgates to further massive housing development in the eastern villages. However, the Hon Angela claims homelessness is one of her priorities, so the further expansion of housing in the villages she serves could thus be satisfied?

We know that Angela is also yet to meet with Waverley Borough Council chiefs, and presumably even consult with them about this crackpot scheme.

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No doubt we will soon hear the Honourable Angela castigating people for using dubious tax dodges, and helping to bring in legislation to reduce tax evasion practices?  

Want to learn more about the Tory’s chosen one – Angela Richardson?

Oh dear! The Hon Angela has just been given the kiss of death by the BB on Facebook. No doubt he is looking forward to more homes on his Knowle Park?

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8 thoughts on “Guildford MP pitches to open Guildford – Cranleigh trainline.”

    1. Presumably she explained what she meant by repurposing did she? No, what she means is that she wants to see the Downslink used as a transport corridor to relieve congestion on the A281. Which of course would mean some sort of rapid transport system, the type once mooted by others – including the Dunsfold developers.

      So why play around with words. But then the Hon Angela is very good at throwing out words to win a seat. Because just months ago she opposed opening the line – or perhaps she meant she was opposed to repurposing the line?

      Or maybe she will tell us exactly what she does mean?

  1. Yes I agree with the above. This article is ‘fake news’. She clearly says ‘repurpose’, nothing about trains. You have been off in a few articles recently- referring to a WBC Officer by her gender, businesses as being ‘Jewish’ or ‘foreign’ and now this. Is it the same contributor who has this murky style? Maybe a moderator should get involved ? 🤣

  2. Nothing fake about this article! Angela Richardson clearly said she was opposed to opening the railway line. now she is saying she wants to “repurpose” it to relieve the traffic congestion on the A281 – so how exactly is that going to happen? Does she intend to repupose it for other forms of rapid transport systems, because it is already open to cyclists? Perhaps you believe she intends to repurpose it for donkey rides, or perhaps rickshaw rides?

    We do not ask anyone to read the Waverley Web. If you don’t like us referring to officers as men or women, or to investors as Foreign then we respectfully suggest you get your news from The Surrey Advertiser. Because if you live in the borough of Waverley, you will find that is a news desert.

    We have a moderator, who is perfectly satisfied. So, if you would like to be removed as a follower, we are happy to oblige.

  3. It is perfectly obvious to anyone what repurposing means? Using the Downslink for another purpose – for a purpose other than what it is currently used for.

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