Its official – Jeremy Hunt has contracted a deadly virus – AMNESIA!

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Has he had a memory lapse – does the name Sharmila Chowdhury ring any bells for you Mr Hunt?

If you have had a complete memory lapse, about your decade as Secretary of State for Health – read one we made earlier? How Jeremy Hunt protects Whistleblowers.

Just remind yourself what whistleblowing does for your career in the National Stealth Service. Leaves you destitute, ill, shunned by your colleagues, and worst of all – unable to work in the service you loved.

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You mention in your subsequent  Tweet that...

” Of course we should remember that UK has some of the finest & safest maternity care in the world, and huge progress has been made in bringing down stillbirth and neonatal death rates. But there is still too much avoidable harm, and it is taking far too long to come to light.”


If only you had been in charge of the system for the best part of a decade. The Waverley Web is sure you would have sorted it out?

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