An appeal to build Dunsfold Airfield Mark 2 – on land adjacent to Dunsfold has been ALLOWED.

Our apologies for mistake! Big mistake. So we have corrected the size of the building it is in fact 10,000 sq metres and not 10,000 sq ft as mentioned in our previous post!  But it is manic Monday.

Has the title handed to “Poor old Cranleigh by Waverley councillors – now passed to “Poor Old Alfold?”

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Just months after the Government gave Garden Village status to Dunsfold Park’s new 2,600 home settlement- on Dunsfold Airfield Mark 1.  Another Government department gives the go-ahead for a National Aviation Museum (with a 10,000 sq metre building) to set up on its perimeter. You couldn’t make it up – really you couldn’t.

A Museum described by Waverley councillors as “bizarre;” “massive;” “huge;” “enormous.” Hangars more fitting for Heathrow or Gatwick was rejected by local members six months ago.

It beggared belief why Waverley’s head honcho led her planning numpties into recommending approval of the scheme which councillors threw out and that there no highway objections – as vehicles will access the site from the A281 at The Crossway ‘Kamikaze Corner’ junction.

The Appeal to build an 8,000 sq metre warehouse/museum in a green field on a small rural road just a hop, skip and a fence away from the Aerodrome was given the go-ahead this week. Due in part to Waverley planning officers’ recommendation to approve the scheme, but mainly due to Surrey County Council highwaymen raising no objection on traffic grounds. Yet again, the county council numpties have aided an abetted traffic chaos in the small rural village on the Surrey/Sussex border. 

Only hours before Inspector S.J Lee announced his decision,  Dunsfold Park Limited had been given the go-ahead to build a new access road from the A281 into the airfield site, which would lead to the closure of accesses for traffic onto both Dunsfold Road and Compass Gate, Alfold – and on the other side of the airfield at Stovolds Hill.  We can hear you choking on your cornflakes – and our very heartfelt sympathies go out to the small rural village which will soon become a mecca for world-wide aviation enthusiasts. As a new aviation museum of Dunsfold aerodrome’s history has also been included in its Masterplan!

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The decision by Government Inspector to allow the Wings Museum’s planning appeal brings to a conclusion a neighbour’s vendetta which has spanned more than 15 years. The decision by Mr Rupert Howell to sell land adjacent to his home at Barnfield may now do exactly what he had hoped for.  Affect the homes included on the Dunsfold Park Masterplan. The Inspector recognised his decision that a “significant building” would have a “significant impact” on the area with the loss of trees and rural outlook. He said:

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Chocks away for another Dunsfold Museum?

Just WINGS this time no WHEELS – between Alfold and Dunsfold .

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  1. How sad for this little village. how can this inspector impose such a huge development on this delightful village. My family and I spent many happy times there visiting friend’s, and thankfully retain those memories of the quiet country village.

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