Thank you message from Paul Follows

A Big Thank you from the new boy that saw him land the second biggest surge in Lib Dem votes in the country!

See the South West Surrey Surge below. Think what it might have been if Dumber hadn’t promised to revoke Article 50! Mistake… Big Mistake!

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 20.45.41
Leader of Godalming Town Council & Deputy Leader of Waverley Borough Council, says Thank you and wishes everyone in Waverley a Very Happy Christmas.

Screenshot 2019-12-20 at 23.34.54

You can hear Cllr Follows message by clicking on the Twitter link in blue below.


5 thoughts on “Thank you message from Paul Follows”

  1. Fact is they only returned 11 MP’s because of their undemocratic policy of ignoring a majority vote. If they want more seats they will have to campaign vigorously for a different voting system.

  2. Well done Paul, a great result! Waverley is lucky to have you. Your job now is to hold Jeremy Hunt to account with all his promises!

  3. We agree that it is vital that Jeremy Hunt lives up to all those promises, however what we all at the Waverley Web agree upon is the … need to : continue with the modernisation programme of Waverley Borough Council, live up to its promise of honesty and transparency, and its dedication to see that the Declared Climate Emergency translates into real results.

    Stop allowing planning officers to support building on flood plains; haul Surrey County Council highways department up for its scant regard for highway safety; ensure that Natural England does what is says on the tin and properly protects our natural environment.

    Also ensure that in 2020 there is true acountability among council staff, its senior officers and the Chief Executive are made accountable.

  4. JH got over 53% of the vote and got over 33,000 votes. The percentage achieved by Paul Fellows was not the highest percentage achieved by the Lib Dem locally in previous elections. It is not surprising that the Lib Dem vote went up a bit as in 2017 the National Health Action party stood and got 20% of the vote.

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