New lakeside homes available in Cranleigh?

Exactly as residents predicted – the new homes consented by Waverley Planners to developers – Thakeham now have a lakeside view.

We hope – for the sake of their new occupants that the waters don’t reach them, as parts of Elmbridge Road go under water.


One local resident popped this picture into our inbox yesterday – saying what others have been saying for years about flood-prone Cranleigh – “how stupid to build on a floodplain immediately opposite a stinking sewage works and adjacent to Cranleigh Waters.”

Former MP Anne Milton who chairs the Cranleigh Flood Frum, called for an investigation after Developers Thakeham Homes representatives were allowed to sit around the planning officers’ table during the meeting when consent was given.


Water, water leaking everywhere – but sometimes, not a drop to drink in Cranleigh and the eastern​ villages?

You can read more about the consent here.

Thakeham’s home – but certainly not dry!

2 thoughts on “New lakeside homes available in Cranleigh?”

  1. Well what a surprise! With Alfold Road flooded yesterday and apparently 7 cars stranded and this mess. It is not rocket science is it? You build new homes on a flood plain this is what you get… If only they had listened to Cllr Hyman….I feel most sorry for existing residents. The New ones, if there are any, shouldn’t touch these homes with a barge pole.

    The Landslip on the A281 which apparently happened last Friday is still causing traffic chaos…a week on… How long does it take Highways to sort out a small section of wall that collapsed? USELESS!

  2. Exactly the sentiments we are hearing off-line. Particularly the Guildford silly little landslip, that could have been reinstated by a bunch of schoolkids! Over an hour to get from Bramley to Debenhams – has Surrey County Council highways department gone to sleep for the holidays already?

    Floods everywhere, cars stranded – roads closed, trains cancelled and thousands of frustrated commuters – if this is Boris’s Britain – then let’s all go to the Planet Zonk!

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