Police Chief David Munro booted by the Tories. Has everyone gone to the moon?



Have the local Conservatives been taking advice from their mate former Cranleigh School pupil songwriter, music producer Jonathan King?? 


They chose somebody else, and then say he can’t even be a member of the Conservative party, even after campaigning in Farnham for them at the local elections. What level of madness have the Tories descended to?


Surrey’s outgoing Tory – now Independent Police and Crime Commissioner, David Munro is a former Farnham Town and Waverley Borough Councillor. He spent almost two decades as a Surrey County Councillor and has worked as a Tory activist since the early 1980s. For all that effort he has now joined a new order.  The Order of the Boot!

WHY? We hear you all cry, sob, sob – or perhaps not ALL our readers?

Because he stands accused in these intolerant times in which we now lurk, of campaigning against Conservative candidates. Not the young lady who snatched the plumply salaried role from his grasp? Surely not? Never.

‘Moanalot Munro gets mouthy after losing Surrey Police& Crime Commissioner job. He claims he has “NEVER” campaigned against any Conservative candidate.

Here at the Waverley Web, we say, perish the thought that this career politician would ever do such a thing?

Fear not folks, as PCC Chief Munro says the reason he left the Conservative Group at the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, was to have the “freedom to argue for Surrey’s interests” he will no doubt soon be fighting his corner as…AN INDEPENDENT? 

So coming to a mailbox near you in 2020? Thousands of leaflets – and just you wait for that knock, knock – -a – knocking on your door?



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