Isn’t it great – communicating with the Godalming electorate and getting transparency too?

Will this catch on at ‘Your Waverley’ and the other towns and villages around the borough? Perhaps absent councillors, and there are often very good reasons for non-attendance – should state exactly why they cannot attend?

Godalming Town Council Attendance Data – May-July 2019

As part of our town council level manifesto pledges, and because basic attendance was something (for some councillors especially) a huge issue in the last administration – I have requested more frequent updates on attendance and am committed to publishing these.

Please see below the data for the first 3 months of the new council.

For the next one I will be asking for a column to be added for the party, and some graphs – however, if any residents have any suggestions please do let me know.

The purpose of this is is not just petty checking- it’s to proactively manage attendance, understand reasons, help people – move meetings if required if things are inaccessible for some reason – rather than be surprised by it every half year or so.

Happy to discuss as always!

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No doubt Cllr Welland will be rocking up at meetings more frequently in the next quarter?!?

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