Could ‘Your Waverley’ and its partners top off Blightwells with a solar farm?

On Tuesday – ‘Your ‘Waverley’s Executive’ will decide whether to recommend to the Full Council whether it should declare a ‘Climate Emergency,’ requiring urgent action. It wants the borough to become carbon neutral by 2030.

How about starting here-on one of its own projects in the heart of Farnham?

Brightwells Solar Array

There is an opportunity for new solar development to accompany the Brightwells development in Farnham. The development currently has no planned solar provision, despite the proposed large areas of suitable roof space and rooftop parking areas.

Given the massive drop in solar energy production costs in recent years and the development of Brightwells, this is an opportunity that should not be missed. Particularly as it wants to lead other town and parish councils in the drive to combat climate change.

The icing on the cake of the development which began in 2018, could be solar infrastructure without the need to alter any design.

To add solar in parallel with the construction work is much more cost-efficient than fitting solar retrospectively, so it should be added to the plans now before any construction goes ahead. There are many funding options available, council, private and developer – solar is a good investment and there are many options available. Solar could also be used to reduce household electricity costs for the new housing development and the new local businesses.

With the increase of electric cars over the coming years, solar power could also supply banks of car charging points, again these can be fitted as part of the development rather than retrospectively. Whether or not solar is fitted, there will still be a growing need for car charging points.

Another opportunity is for rooftop gardens to be included in the design, which is particularly beneficial to residents who would otherwise have no garden.

Climate Emergency was declared by Surrey County Council in July 2019. 

As the very same county council is shelling out 50 + million to provide shops and restaurants at Blightwells Yard, the measures listed above plus any others which may be of value, should now be included in this, and all other developments in the county shouldn’t they?

Or, is it a case of doing as we say, not do as we do?

2 thoughts on “Could ‘Your Waverley’ and its partners top off Blightwells with a solar farm?”

  1. Sounds like an excellent idea. Maybe we can get some action from Farnham Town Council and the Borough Councillors generally? Without proper pressure from all sides nothing will happen.

  2. No doubt tis is one of the first things ‘Your Waverley’ will do to ensure a very unpopular developments gains at least a little credability in Farnham?

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