Going up…and up? The petition to stop a Private Care Home being built in the eastern villages of Waverley.

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A day ago we reported that this petition launched by Andy Web had reached 2,094. It is now at

and going up as wScreen Shot 2019-08-22 at 07.42.15.pnge type!

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‘Re-open Cranleigh Hospital Minor Injury Clinic and say no to a Private Care Home.’

There are also paper petitions in many local shops and businesses.

We donated money for a new fully functioning hospital not a private care home with 20 community beds for the whole of Surrey. As the new hospital is now just a distant memory we would like to reopen our minor injury clinic and return the community beds back at the old Cranleigh Village Hospital. With the increasing population of Cranleigh, we need these facilities more than ever. 

The League Of Friends fundraised for a new X-ray department which is a real asset to the community. There is also a real possibility of having an MRI scanner installed in the future. If all this can become a reality, we need to make the return of community beds back in the old hospital for the local community a reality. 

This was the very first community hospital in the country given to the residents of Cranleigh by Dr. Napper and Archdeacon Sapte. 

Please sign the petition to get our hospital back to serve the community. 

You can sign on this link below:


This is what one Cranleigh resident has said – and there are hundreds more of these messages from others on local community boards. Far too many for us to mention.Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 08.14.47.png

Well, what do you think?

Is the deafening silence from the Charity that took the public’s money – that was donated in good faith – golden or is it tarnished?

If you want to join several hundred other objectors putting up their comments on-line – you can by clicking on the link below: .http://planning360.waverley.gov.uk/planning/search-applications?civica.query.FullTextSearch=Cranleigh%20care%20home#VIEW?RefType=GFPlanning&KeyNo=328483&KeyText=Subject

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Click on the pink box to comment on the application – you will see the comments others have made too. 


As the dream of a new hospital in the heart of Cranleigh is now just a distant memory, I decided to set up a campaign group to try and get a minor injury clinic and other facilities back in to Cranleigh Village Hospital.

With the help of many others, we have gained so much support and generated so much interest in this campaign, I certainly could not have started this campaign without them all.

We were promised new fully functioning hospital back in the village but now this is not likely to happen so the next best thing is to try and get our existing hospital back to something like it used to be.

This campaign started because of one person, my mum who sadly passed away last year. I was writing her eulogy when I remembered all the volunteer work she had done especially at the hospital. This got me me thinking about what had happened about all the money that was raised for a new hospital?

I soon found out that the new hospital was never going to happen so decided to raise awareness through social media to the fact we need a minor injury clinic back in Cranleigh. It soon got the attention of so many people who had given money and staged fundraising events for a new hospital that is not ever going to be built. We now have well over 2000 signatures on our petition, if you see one of our petitions in local shops please help us by adding your signature.

This whole campaign is not about me or the people that have done so much to help, it’s about doing something that will benefit the whole community.

If you would like to donate money knowing it goes directly to the Village Hospital then please donate it to the League Of Friends. They have recently raised funds for the new X-ray department which is a fantastic asset to the community. Without all their hard work and fundraising I doubt that the we would still have a Village hospital.

Andy Webb  

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