Longhurst Park- Why not Heath Robinson Way?

It will not have gone unnoticed in the East that ‘Your Waverley’s” new best friend (NBF) in Farnham –  Crest Nicholson – is now digging into both the East and the West of the borough!

Perish the thought that the Waverley Web should ever be labelled a meanie but WHY has (NBF) called the first Phase of development on Horsham Road – Longhurst Park when almost opposite the entrance to the site – is the former home of none other than the hugely famous – William Heath-Robinson?

Did the developer consult the locals on the chosen name? Maybe the developer local connection 

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The 249 homes, many of which are ‘affordable’  like those in the list below, are now under construction, and shortly could be followed by another 120 more on adjacent fields on the site in Horsham Road, Cranleigh.  Funny isn’t it that when the homes are priced up they knock off £50.  £499,950 looks so much better than £500,000 or half a million pounds, they  look almost cheap!

We at the Waverley Web believe the venerable inventor Heath Robinson might have been quite impressed with the way these developers are flogging off their wares at a knock-down price!

Even he could couldn’t have come up with such a creative way of extracting dosh from unsuspecting buyers who have to pay a £500 annual management fee for the upkeep of parts of the estate. Which we understand from prospective buyers goes up and up over the years. We also understand from the locals that non of the roads will be adopted by the highway authority – Surrey County Council – so the management fee could prove quite an expense in the years to come!

Oh! and by the way the NBF’s new plans to extend the estate by yet another shedload of houses will be considered by Waverley planners shortly and the betting is… consent will be granted. Despite the fact that even more poo pits will be required and even more pipes laid to sent the affluent’s effluent slowly and gently into the main sewer to prevent the already overloaded sewage system, being overloaded.

Cranleigh resident update letter – 10-04-2017

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3 thoughts on “Longhurst Park- Why not Heath Robinson Way?”

  1. I notice that at the bottom of the price list, in small print, there is a management agent so these properties are NOT freehold and are the gift that keeps on giving. These developments should be banned.

  2. Well said – But we all know what they say about the Small print – Hope people read it and don’t presume these are Freehold Properties!

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