With only 38 days to go, Awfold Parish Council stands accused of trying to effect a coup d’état in relation to upcoming local elections.

According to the mutter in the Awfold gutter, the unelected Clerk to the Parish Council Crystal Tipps Weddell (CT’s), for her involvement in the Awfold PC / POW money-siphoning scandal of last year) stands accused of failing to upload to the  Parish Council website details of the forthcoming elections to be held on Thursday 2 May 2019 to elect councillors for all borough and town/ parish seats.

As the paid parish Clerk, CT is responsible for keeping Awfold parishioners abreast of the shenanigans – oops! silly us, of course, we mean, the business – of the Parish and its Council … but, then again, shenanigans just about sums up the goings on at Awfold Parish Council under her reign!

According to our Awfold mole CT – who pretty much runs the Parish Council, despite her official title being Clerk, not Chairman! – is, once again, on manoeuvrers with the aim of pulling off a Parish putsch.

Regular readers will be aware that the Waverley Web warned, some months ago, of a plot to parachute Little Britton into the role of Chairman of Alfold Parish Council at the May 2019 elections when Nic Pigeon stepped down from the role.

Q: Since when did an utter novice get the top job?

Q: Since when did someone with absolutely no experience as an Awfold parish councillor get shoe-horned into the role of its Chairman?

Q. Since when did a chairman get elected before an election had even taken place?

In the normal course of events, as is the case with all others, read the parish mag to hear about Loxwood’s efforts, the council should be inviting and encouraging expressions of interest in the vacancies for the pending parish council election when Cllrs Betty Ames and Nic Pigeon step down. But under CT’s increasingly proprietary rule, that isn’t happening and a few locals are beginning to cry Foul!

So here at the WW – we thought we would give CT’its a bit of a hand.

Nomination papers must be submitted by hand at the Waverley Borough Council offices and an appointment will need to be booked in advance to meet with the Returning Officer or one of his Deputies. This means that a candidate may come into the offices to submit their papers themselves, or ask someone they trust to do it for them. Election Agents can submit nomination papers on behalf of their candidates.

Nominations can be submitted between 9:30am and 4pm on weekdays from 22 March until 3 April, by appointment only. The Returning Officer, Tom Horwood would like to remind all candidates that the close of nominations deadline of 4pm on the 3 April is set in law and is absolutely final.

The Electoral Services Team will be as accommodating as possible, but those that leave it to the last minute run the risk of not being able to get an appointment, or not having enough time to re-submit an application that has not been filled in correctly.

Candidates should call Electoral Services on 01483 523116 or email: to reserve your appointment as early as possible.

Bearing all of the above in mind, Crystal Tipps Weddell has left it a bit late to give interested parties an opportunity to get their ducks in a row!

Presumably, Chris ‘Little Britton’ of Protect Our Waverley can’t believe his luck. No forewarning of the vacancies has yet been broadcast on either Awfold Parish Council’s website or social media outlets and longstanding locals are stunned that no one is being encouraged to put their name forward and begin electioneering. Can it possibly be that, once again, poor old Awfold is being done-over by the unelected Clerk and her acolytes? “This is Widow Twanky and the Tory-Tossers at their despotic worst!” stated one email we’ve received from a concerned local resident. “We had hoped, after the money  scandal, Mrs Weddell and Mr Pigeon had learned their lesson but, apparently, not.”

We’ve been asked to remind the current chairman, Cllr Pidgeon, and the unelected Clerk, Mrs Weddell, that they have a responsibility to Awfold’s parishioners to play it by the book … not the book according to Pidgeon & Weddell but the book according to Fair Play! This is not the Crystal Tipps & Pigeon show – shortly to become the Crystal Tipps & Little Britton Show if they get their way! – it’s about Awfold parishioners and their desire to take the ‘w’ out of Awfold and restore the ‘l’ word (light touch) as opposed to the heavy-handed rule of Weddell & Co. For, make no mistake, it is Weddell’s hand is on the tiller of the not-so-good ship Awfold … or do we mean the hand that rocks the cradle?

Alfold residents deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect. They deserve an opportunity to throw off Weddell’s whip and we encourage them to do so by throwing their hats into the ring, stepping up to the plate and taking an interest in the affairs of their village because, if they don’t, they will get the local councillors they deserve! And we really don’t want to repeat that old chestnut about blue ribbons and monkeys …


  1. The Notice of Election has been posted on the parish council website since it was issued by Waverley. The 2019 Election has its own tab in the navigation bar. For those without internet access, the notices are posted on the parish notice boards.

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