Afghanistan refugees and how ‘Your Waverley’ is helping.


This video from Waverley’s Leader Paul Follows is worth listening to. This is our Waverley, doing what it can, to help in what can only be described as a dire situation.

But it comes with a warning. All comments are welcome. However, any abusive comments on the Waverley Web site will be removed immediately – so don’t even think about making one!

4 thoughts on “Afghanistan refugees and how ‘Your Waverley’ is helping.”

  1. The Government have spent a huge amount and total expenditure is now more as % gdp than almost every European country. The refugees and immigrants often prefer to come to UK because they are treated better than elsewhere. It seems wrong to bash the Central Government just after being given funds by them. Let’s NOT be political but try to help unfortunate refugees.

    1. Isn’t that exactly what Waverley is doing – helping unfortunate refugees? As for future funding – let’s all wait and see how exactly that works out in real-time? A great many promises were made during the pandemic, but like pie-crusts, they were easily broken.

  2. Would Waverleyweb agree that helping the refugees is more than just transporting and housing? I would like to see a program of integration which includes english lessons, work placements and education. Will the council clarify what plans it has for this?

    1. Yes Mike B – there is more to it than just putting a roof over the heads of refugees and we here at the WW believe, knowing Waverley, it will be doing everything possible to ensure they receive the necessary help and guidance to become part of the community. When the situation becomes clearer we are sure the council will tell us how things go. Its communication – through councillors, in particular, Cllr Follows is excellent.

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