There were ten keen councillors sitting in the hall – nine fell out – just leaving Paul.

GTC__CBAProbably the most important meeting on the Town, Parish and Borough Council’s annual calendar is the meeting/session that occurs at this time every year. To set the Budget.

Perhaps Godalming’s voting fodder – that will soon have leaflets shoved through their doors from political parties and hopefully some Independents – might like to know exactly who is standing up for their interests?

Because at a recent Waverley meeting to discuss important financial matters and the direction in which ‘Your Waverley`’ should travel over the next year. Out of 9 Godalming councillors ONE – yes just ONE Tory Cllr Liz Wheatley – turned up.

As the old saying goes – ‘no names no pack drill’ who the other Godalming Cllr was?  We will not be revealing which other Godalming representative takes your interests, seriously in fact very seriously.

So if you want more of the same in May – here’s your man.

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 22.05.38.png

Or maybe like lemmings, we will all cling to old habits that die hard and vote this way for four more years of the same old same old?





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