Who says shouting out loud doesn’t pay dividends? The Eastern villages win their battle to stop Surrey dumping the dump.

Surrey County Council Leader Tim Oliver took the wind out of everyone’s sails when only minutes into the Cabinet meeting he announced that all the county’s Community Recycling Centres would remain open.

Give the man his due – he didn’t stop anyone getting their four minutes of fame allowing them to present their Petitions and tell his Cabinet why their Civic RC’s should remain open.

Over here in Farnham – The Herald’s Don’t Dump the Dump Campaign- had already paid dividends. It was knocked off Surrey’s hit-list a week ago. But that didn’t stop The Herald’s spokesman Daniel Gee from giving them a drubbing for even suggesting the move. He revealed the strength of opposition online and through a petition. He said now residents want their facilities improved.

Hannah Nicholson heading up the Cranleigh campaign argued that with a huge increase in development across the Eastern part of Waverley to remove the CRC would cause problems on narrow country roads on their way to Witley CRC there would be more fly-tipping and bonfires in gardens. Thousands of residents from Ewhurst and Cranleigh had signed her petition.

The route to Witley is shown here: Couldn’t possibly have been the suggestion that everyone give a toot on their horn outside Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt’s country abode on their way to the Witley dump – could it – no of course not.witleytip2

The ‘Don’t dump the dump’ campaign works for Farnham – but not for Cranleigh and the eastern villages?

Representatives from Warlingham – Dorking – Lyne in Chertsey – and more all lined up to have their say – but the county council had already put their hands up Guv – and delivered the result they all wanted. Some sat like rather deflated balloons having prepared themselves for a fight.

Sadly – it ain’t over until the fat county councillor lady sings  – and residents begin to increase proper recycling into the county’s CRC’s.

No black bags full of toot – proper recycling – the sort you know – that can be recycled. And – the council intends to educate us all. We can see it now a GCSE in Recycling?

Now riding to the rescue comes Dr Andrew Povey Cranleigh & Ewhurst’s County Councillor – He is to head up a new Waste Strategy Taskforce – because the Public Consultation revealed that you cannot dump the neighbourhood dumps – without creating a huge stink. 

mylittlepovey2But let’s give credit where credit is due – a couple of new brooms have swept into Surrey County Council and they have begun – The Listening Project – and long may it continue.







2 thoughts on “Who says shouting out loud doesn’t pay dividends? The Eastern villages win their battle to stop Surrey dumping the dump.”

  1. Something a bit odd here, because I have just received an email from SCC to all who signed the petition saying that Cranleigh will be shut in October!

    1. Oh dear! Sounds like another local authority cock-up. Believe us here at the Waverley Web Richard. We heard it with our own ears – all the sites will remain open until the Strategic Review has taken place.

      The webcast will soon be up and it is almost the first comment the Head Honcho at Surrey makes.

      Do you think you could possibly let us have a copy or forward the e-mail to us at contact@waverleyweb.org which is our private e-mail address.

      We might be able to have a bit of fun with it and put the record straight to a public that becomes more confused every day.

      Thank you for contacting us.

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