Oh No! Please tell us that this man is not bidding to become Surrey County Council’s new leader?

mylittlepovey2Ever since the day Cranleigh’s Little Povey was ousted as Leader of the County Council and  Deputy ‘Hodge the Bodge’ jumped into his role – Our Little Povey (OLP) has been fighting to snatch that badge back.

David Hodge has told his Conservative colleagues, at the soon to be flogged off County Towers, that he intends to resign as leader in November. 

Possible successors, including Dr Andrew Povey, are already jostling for a position in the leadership stakes, according to our Waverley Council informants. But it is likely he may have competition in climbing up the political greasy pole, having unceremoniously slid down to the bottom after a vote of no confidence which saw the SC councillor for Cranleigh & Ewhurst leave politics altogether – only to return in the last election. But OLP, could be in for a disappointment because other equally ambitious Tories, one of whom believes he is heading for Westminster when the present incumbent takes a Leap into the ~ Lords!  

None-other than  Matt Furniss the deputy leader at Guildford Borough Council and the county councillor for Shalford.

But one county councillor said she thought it unlikely that Cllr Furniss, the youngest councillor at GBC, who was only elected as a county councillor in 2017, would be able to gather enough support to make a serious bid. So OLP -could be galloping into the home straight before you can say Puckamuck!

Or, perhaps it could be our Farnham Gal. Our very own Waverley Mayor Denise? Presently performing in her robes as a  vital part of the Surrey Chain gang. After all, it was she who persuaded the County’s Tory group to stump up over £50m from its pension fund to throw into the Blightwells pot, a retail investment for the county that would generate millions of pounds? Could the County’s finances be safe in her hands? But then wasn’t she heard urging her children to hang on tightly to their Canadian passports just in case Brexit went wrong? Nothing like hedging your bets?

David Hodge pictured just before he passes a motion to slash £250 million off the Surrey County Council budget to prevent it going for broke? 




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