Where are you now POW? Helping the people of Haslemere to protect their countryside?

Or is Protect Our Little Corner of Waverley sweating on the top line awaiting the Judge’s decision on whether a brownfield site at Dunsfold will be built on?


Over 70 residents were safely gathered in at a Haslemere Hotel to register their objection to the development of a former large estate in Scotland Lane  Nobody, including ‘Your Waverley’, is going to ride roughshod over them!   Even if a scheme for more than 30 new homes is included in its local Plan Part 2.

Whilst Haslemere Councillors were busy shouting down the LP 2 at Waverley Towers the residents of Haslemere were expressing their concerns about yet another green field in their town being covered in concrete. The LP 2 was subsequently postponed. Read in here on the WW Has Mr Angry of Haslemere finally picked up his phone to his Waverley councillor?

Bets are on that now Councillor Bobby Knowless has thrown his toys out of the pram – the newly appointed Haslemere Town Councillor Peter Isherwood, former chairman of Waverley’s most senior planning committee, will be opposing any further development in Haslemere too. So keep shouting Haslemere people, because those who shout the loudest normally get heard at ‘Your Waverley.’

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 10.49.34.pngDqHxlIiXcAIOrLK.jpg-large.jpeg

Let’s get those damn trees and hedgerow out and cover this land in concrete? After all, that’s if they did it in Knowle Lane, Cranleigh and got away with it, so why can’t we do it here? 
Come on boys get chopping – they are only trees that have been there for hundreds of years! And Waverley Council won’t be looking – will they? Well, they weren’t looking in Wrecclesham, or Cranleigh or Ewhurst or Farnham or…?




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