Caption competition – Help the Local Tories with their leaflets?


Conservative central office kindly sends out a template for local Councillors to fill in and pretend they are ‘In Touch’ This does rely on them having something to say. Nothing stops a Tory sticking out a leaflet with their faces in it – not even basic editing.

Unfortunately, the Godalming edition was sent to the printers with the templates still incomplete!
We’d like to offer a bottle of Silent Pool Gin to the best caption writer out there – Please comment below!

So which local Tory is being beaten up over this glaring error? Perhaps Jeremy’s agent and local co-ordinator Edward Norman will consider his position or is he now too busy in Woking, Runnymede & Weybridge to spot these glaring mistakes.

Here at the Waverley Web we have one of our own:

‘Hands up if you think we can manage to get our leaflets in shape- let alone protect Godalming.’



12 thoughts on “Caption competition – Help the Local Tories with their leaflets?

  1. Picture 1: Entrants flood in for the Boris Johnson look-a-like competition.

    Picture 2: A man for all seasons: Un-captioned Pepperpot photo rubs salt into lack of Tory proof reading.


  2. 1) Raise your hands if you want to reserve one of the Boathouse’s new festive row boats – just in time for the Christmas floods
    2) Councillors are yet to confirm or deny rumours of the new Pepperpot housing development, featuring a rather drafty penthouse studio.


    • They get better all the time – don’t we all just love those arrogant Tories who imagine they are just going to sweep back into power without putting in the effort. Even putting up a picture caption is too much trouble?


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