What is the most well-used phrase at ‘Your Waverley’s council meetings?



If, you get the answer right. 


We will put you out of your misery… the phrase most often used in response to councillors questions by officers, the leader, and the executive is…


And.. if ‘we are satisfied’ then so must you be?


4 thoughts on “What is the most well-used phrase at ‘Your Waverley’s council meetings?”

  1. Heard all too often…….. The other one that gets me is….. IT IS ACCEPTABLE
    In a Planning Application for the 4 New houses to the side of our Garden in 2014 The Waste & Recycling Co-ordinator said the following in the Officers Report….. and I quote (although CAPS are mine for emphasis).

    “Satisfied that storage of Refuse and recycling in the rear gardens would be suitable. The necessity for the bins to be BROUGHT THROUGH THE INTERIOR OF THE PROPERTIES on Plots 2 & 3 is NOT IDEAL, BUT ACCEPTABLE”

    You couldn’t make it up – as it turns out I think they later added in a rear pathway for those two properties – But I think that may have had more to do with the fact that subsequent Planning for the site – Added another Storey onto the buildings and who wants to buy a 4 bed Property where you have to wheel your bins through the Kitchen out to the Front door!!

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