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  1. Hi WW
    Sorry cannot read this properly can you point to a link or Scan the full article

  2. At last, now we just need them to correct the grammar. Surely that should be “progressive Councillors, representatives of other parties and I, speaking together.”? Alternatively “me, progressive Councillors and representatives of other parties, speaking together. If I hear one more politician say “I and my colleagues” I will spit my dummy out!!

    1. Come, come, Rosaleen – here is a councillor trying to communicate with his residents, which is more than can be said for most Waverley councillors who are a bunch of retired old mean and women, well past their sell-by-date, retired with nothing much to do – this man works!!

  3. Well said – I have absolutely no time for grammar when I am ranting – You are lucky if you get a full stop from me! I must go and look at Cllr Follows FB page as I still cannot read it.

  4. Sorry, Denise, we cannot find the complete text anywhere but will keep trying. We are sure he will forward it. Oh dear! we made a mistake too – ‘retired old mean,’ we meant men, or did we? Some of them really are mean, when anyone attempts to stand up for Waverley residents!

  5. I love that Paul Follows immediately picked up my comments and I am a big of his because like me he appears to believe that party politics have no place in Local Government but I am known as the pedant in the family, a trait passed to me by my mother. Of course I always listened to my mother.

    1. I couldn’t possibly leave it like that once it’s been pointed out! I think my own mother would have killed me if she saw that.

      As to party politics, I think I have a bit of a hybrid approach. There are uses for parties at Waverley, really there are. Just not the way it’s been done up to now. Getting the message out, working with people and working right across the borough is what parties should be about – and what we have seen in the chamber over many years is a narrow exec view being whipped into councillors.

      I think there is value in parties, but if I get the chance I want a much looser group of councillors – bound to our message for leaflets , our ideals and distribution channels and all the good things that can bring , but I want each towns group of councillors to be properly representative.

      Waverley Liberal Democrats (as my own example) is an umbrella over 4 town-centric branches that are truly local in character and operations. I want to bring that structure to Waverley (and it’s something I hope our allies in the chamber can work with too).

  6. Rosaleen
    One of the few things I learnt in life is that Mother doesn’t always know best – Just most times!

    I wish she was still here to guide me sometimes – But I know she would approve of my rants – I wish she could have come to this beautiful place that we moved to in Alfold just over 4 years ago.

    But it is so sad – I went to pick my car up from it’s service on Springbok today – and the lovely man that looks after my car said he is thinking of leaving as are many of his clients in the next 3- 4 years – they simply cannot bear to see what is happening to Cranleigh – One of the most lovely Villages (Towns) in Waverley.

    Maybe that is what is needed in a Village that is to be filled with people from London and elsewhere that want to live in this lovely part of the country, and who wouldn’t?

    But when you start pushing out the Oldies (And I put myself in that category now – although not quite so old) the dynamic changes – it will become an extension of London and the other suburbs like Weybridge and Woking (where I have friends and Family) and lose the appeal that made US
    (and I am afraid I was a Wandsworth-Wanderer…) want to come here. Times change – I get it……. But those with the highest disposable Income will move to Hants and Dorset and elsewhere where you get more Bang for your Money and less stress. In the long run Waverley will suffer – But they don’t see the big picture. A shame, but I know it is not the end of the World – Just rather sad.

  7. Oh, Denise – you made us all feel very sad here at the Waverley Web if only Waverley had listened to its residents when they ranted about the need for it to provide us with a sound Local Plan – now look what we have ended up with – a Developer-led plan?

  8. All ready had my Friday Rant on the next post…At least Cllr. Deanus tried – and I saw numerous Nodding heads – But why only 4 abstentions? If the other Councillors had doubts about the Design why vote for it? Unless it is because it is the Summer Hols and they really don’t want to have to spend any more time fighting for this and ensuring that our villages and towns get decently designed homes

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