A sad farewell to the people of Farnham from a woman who can’t stand to watch the​ degradation of the town she loves.

Many of our followers feel the same way about the changes that are being inflicted on our beautiful old town.

The supermarket and development giants don’t give a damn about the place – but shouldn’t ‘Our Waverley Borough Council’ be standing up for us!

How we all wish there was a Michael Blower who is a beacon for the town still among our councillors.  He could do a better job than Waverley Planners in his ever-present notebook, or on the back of a fag packet!

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5 thoughts on “A sad farewell to the people of Farnham from a woman who can’t stand to watch the​ degradation of the town she loves.”

  1. Perhaps we should rename Farnham Crest Nicholson? The only compensation is that the development will flounder as interest rates rise and congestion pollution chokes the town. Only the imprudent now invest in retail development.

  2. How incredibly sad to lose someone who quite obviously loves Farnham – This is what the Planning Officers don’t get…….. That people love where they live and it isn’t Nimbyism to want to keep the Heritage and history of the place. We all know change has to happen and when done sympathetically is for the good – When Bulldozers move in and trash a place – that is a crying shame. I just hope that Abigail stays in WAVERLEY but maybe moves to the East!!

    1. EXACTLY Denise! No, I’ve had it with Waverley. I am moving to Hampshire to an Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty that is properly protected from the likes of CNS!!!

      1. I wish you all the best – Just always sad to lose people that care about where they live. We have only been in Surrey for just under 4 years – and I am afraid I cannot leave it and so as the Developers move in – They will have to put up with me … I will continue to be an annoyance – even if it only makes a tiny difference! Elections next year – I am looking forward to that!
        All the Very Best in your new Home

  3. We believe Abigail will be moving out of the area. Why would she want to move into the East of the borough? Many people over there are moving out of the area too!

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