Just another manic Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday….. in Cranleigh.

Playing dodgems on the Elmbridge Road in has become the new dangerous sport as HGV’s battle to make their way to the burgeoning number of Cranleigh New Town’s development sites.

And…would you believe the narrow Wey and Arun Canal bridge just a bit further along from where this picture was taken is where pedestrians and HGV’s dice with death on a regular basis. This was made -one way by Surrey County Council to enable the old people living at the Elmbridge Retirement Homes Village to WALK into the village a mile-and-a-half away.

God forbid they ever try that one, said the follower of the WW who sent us this picture.


We are told the queues of traffic in both directions are the stuff legends are made of!! Traffic was backed up beyond the lights at the Nanhurst Crossroads.



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