Villagers are reeling from the shock after a tragic accident near the dangerous bend outside the village shop this morning in which a 50 year-old woman died…..


Yet another developer has thrown its hat into the ever-widening ring and most want to create accesses off the dangerous Loxwood Road, the scene of numerous accidents.

It would appear every man and his bulldozer wants to roll into the Surrey/ Sussex border village, “First, we thought we were just under siege, now we are beginning to feel there is an avalanche of developers beating a path to our door”  one contributor told WW.

They said residents recently told a  public meeting they feared for their lives every time they moved out of their drive onto the Loxwood Road, but that their very real  concerns were treated, by some, with derision .

Could this be coming to a site near you?

Coming to a site near you?

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