3 thoughts on “If at​ first you don’t succeed just keep on complaining. Isn’t it now time for you to consider this woman’s ‘serious’ complaint Tom Horwood?”

  1. I wish you all the luck in the world Denise, having gone through WBC’s complaints procedure numerous times with evidence of officers lying and Councillors being in breach of the Nolan principles we succeeded zilch times. Even with the evidence on tape as you have they will find nothing wrong, I am glad that you made this complaint I was going to but just did not have the energy to be rebuffed yet again.

    1. Rosaleen – I know what you mean – and WW I look forward to my “time” on the Naughty-Step!!

  2. Lacking the energy to carry on fighting for what is right is exactly what this Tory-controlled council wants. They work on the principle that the public will just tire of having their complaints ignored, or better still dealt with over a long, even very long period of time, between correspondence, and then we will all give up go away, and let them carry on doing wrong! Then they tick the box marked “complaint dealt with at the appropriate time” or if you become a real nuisance. You go on the naughty step (Blacklist) and they don’t answer any of your questions and completely ignore you!
    Welcome to Waverley’s World!

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