A Touch of Frost nips the ankles of Godalming’s new boy!

A little outburst about the adoption of ‘Your Waverley’s Local Plan by Councillor Paul Follows brought a moment of theatre to The Towers when a council veteran waded in to rebuke the new boy on the block after he received a round of applause!


Never one to be outdone – The Frosty one, poked Councillor Paul in the eyes, with her increasingly blunt stick – in the hope that the voting fodder would actually believe that the past Local Plan failures, were of course, not the fault of Tory Tossers, but the Liberal Democrats!

touchoffrostIs that chattering the sound of icicles forming on the Frosty one’s lips that we hear? Is she fearful of losing yet another of her Farnham seats? Pat Frost lost her county council seat to her Farnham Residents rival, Councillor Andy McLeod last year.

We say bring those 2019 elections on!


4 thoughts on “A Touch of Frost nips the ankles of Godalming’s new boy!”

  1. Well Done Cllr Follows – someone who DOESN’T FOLLOW the sheep! – Best thing I have heard in a long time and made my Saturday!
    I think we have had the Rock and now it is time for the Hard Place

  2. We will just have to keep watching and you reporting – Keep it out in the open so if anyone does try dirty tricks they are Outed!

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