Oh dear! Did Surrey County Council Highways take us too literally?

There we were doing our public-spirited bit to save Godawfulming’s poor unsuspecting souls from falling down pavement potholes!

Then along comes a highway wally to fill in the offending potholes and then makes his way to Cranleigh to fill in its potholed streets – along with the roadside drains! 

However, we are aware that when God was handing out BRAINS some of those a little hard of hearing stood in the line that said –  DRAINS!

Here’s our earlier post.

Come to Surrey and visit the UK’s capital of potholes – on and off-road!


Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 08.46.29.png
Cranleigh electrician Ron Jimmison, who along with many others, have been complaining about the new town’s potholed streets, spotted this drain covered in tarmac after the highway wallys had made a visit! 


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