Dumb and Dumber making an ‘ASH’ of it… again?

£27m of the county council’s pension fund invested in tobacco companies – and a £400,000 grant to the Watts Gallery when at the same time  borough councils are forced to kick wardens out of sheltered accommodation, and recycling centres shut their gates to the public – most of the week!

You couldn’t make it up could you? Because it is also promoting The Stop Smoking Campaign throughout the county!

DUMBANDDUMBERAnd now Dumb and Dumber  want everyone in Surrey to write to the Prime Minister to complain about central government funding cuts. The Waverley Web sincerely hopes Theresa May sends them away with a flea in their ears.

Surrey is one of the most prosperous counties  in the country. Its residents pay squillions in taxes, mostly pay for their own elderly care and many provide their own private health-care. The charitable sector is also one of the best funded in the country, and thanks to the generosity of Surrey residents who volunteer and give up many millions of hours of their time – voluntary organisations and the arts continue.

So what the hell is the council doing with our money? Isn’t it time Surrey County Council starts thinking about its  priorities?  

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  1. I was under some idea that these councils and councillor’s were there to look after and be responsible to the community, but then again I saw pigs flying last night!!!!!!!

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