Panic buying hits Waverley!


Never mind food!  The WAGS of Waverley – who all survive on lettuce leaves – are panic struck at the thought of being without that every day essential: Andrex Aloe Vera loo rolls!

The toilet roll aisle at Waitrose, Farnham, this evening.

Anxious Ladies Who Lunch have stopped tweeting photos of their Caesar Salad -“Hold the dressing and the croutons!” – and, instead, are tweeting photographs of empty shelves.  In Tesco it’s loo rolls.  In Sainsbury’s it’s kitchen roll and, wait for it, wait for it … in good old Waitrose it’s Gin!!!


Best advice we’ve read so far: In the event the crisis deepens, ‘Worried of Waverley’ is block booking colonic irrigation!  

Heaveen only knows what they’ll do at Waverley Towers when the sh*t hits the fan again …  Close the Council Offices, we presume! Because we heard that Sainsburys’ in Godalming has run dry of gin and loo rolls. OMG!

“An older Worried of Waverley’ has written to us, saying it could be back to olden days. When out came the neatly cut up newspapers, threaded with string? Answer on a postcard? Which newspaper will make the grade? First prize to the winner: A bottle of Gin – if we can find one!


4 thoughts on “Panic buying hits Waverley!”

  1. We have just heard from someone attending an outpatients appointment at the Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford, who watched a man leaving the Gents pushing a toilet roll in his pocket? Is there no shame?

  2. This panic buying toilet roll is daft. Apparently during the SARs outbreak in Hong Kong toilet roll ran out because the supply chain was cut due to the isolation process. Companies like Kimberly Clarke manufacture their product in the UK so there is no problem with the supply chain. I’m off to buy some Kimberly Clarke shares of this panic buying continues! 😁

  3. Now there’s a good idea Bunty – thanks for that. We are all off to buy shares in toilet roll manufacturers. Just a thought though – why toilet paper? We thought the virus hit lungs not bums? But perhaps it hits both? Keep well everyone.

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