By Jove – Waverley Planners have broken the habit of a life-time and REFUSED a development in the east.

 There we were  the  cynical souls at the Waverley Web only yesterday predicting that the Planning Officers jackboot would be firmly put up the arse of the Joint Planning Committee to ensure development of 58 dwellings would go ahead in Ewhurst. So we were wrong!

But 10 out of 10 to the officers and their YES men for trying!

Oops here goes another Neighbourhood Plan.

Just as well our editorial team didn’t put a bet on this Larkfield, Ewhurst scheme  which was REFUSED by 10 votes to eight. We would have sworn Liz the Biz would have pummelled wannabe objectors into line. And… are we  mistaken? Was  demob happy  Peter Cleveland showing his softer side as he is leaving Waverley Towers to work for – would you Adam and Eve it developers, and there were we thinking he already did!

Needless to say all the usual culprits Michael Goodridge (unelected Wonersh), Mike Band (Cranleigh)  Chairman Peter Isherwood (Hindhead), etc  stuck their mits in the air, supporting development, anytime, any place, anywhere, regardless of highway dangers, the views of the locals, and certainly NOT – the lack of suitable infrastructure, on a dangerous junction. Would have been a different story had our Farnham twins Carole Cockburn and Pat Frost been there. Only 18 members turned up!

Ewhurst Parish Councillor Mike Turner together with a villager put up a strong case for kicking former resident Peter Nutting’s application to extend the Larkfield development on The Green into touch.  A scheme, which if allowed, could open the floodgates to further development at the back of Mapledrakes Road and could herald a huge change in  Ewhurst’s rural character.

Mr Brierley (sorry couldn’t hear…again (?)  speaking for objectors argued Waverley’s Local Plan proposed 100 dwellings in Ewhurst between 2013-2032.

 “So we should be building 57 homes over the next 15 years not 58 homes over the next 15 months.’

Referring to  outstanding consents at Backward Point  and outstanding appeals at Chanrossa on Cranleigh Road,  he argued  if these were combined with the Larkfield  scheme  it would amount to a huge character change for  Ewhurst. A rural village with few amenities, and which relied on Cranleigh for most of its services. 

Borough Councillor Val Henry, who had no vote, said four minutes was insufficient to sum up her strong opposition, which had generated  huge objection from villagers. She warned of the consequences of making the highway improvements proposed by SCC highways, and claimed HGV’s were already badly damaging roads.The loss of mature trees would impact on The Green and,  ‘the street scene will be changed for all time.’ It would also virtually scupper the emerging Neighbourhood Plan

Ewhurst is now a well  used  rat run from Horsham, through Shere and onto the A3.

Alfold’s Kevin Deanus, said from the outset he was “totally opposed’, and would  vote against. The developer is trying to squash a pint into a half pint pot, The Green is a C listed road, – do I believe an access is suitable there? – No I DO NOT!

Cranleigh Councillor Mary Foryszewski preceded her objection by saying she was ‘thoroughly  depressed’  being asked, yet again,  to permit yet more development on the borough’s green fields. ‘One meeting after another we are  asked to support development on yet another of our green fields, Cranleigh, Alfold, and Ewhurst’s  – I know I won’t be listened too, but watch this space,  eventually it will  come to the rest of the borough’s  green fields, near you.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 22.57.33.png‘Richard Cooper SCC highway ‘expert’ said there was NO road safety danger at the Ewhurst junction. (remember: an ex is a has-been and a spurt is a drip under pressure) the same sort of ‘experts’  who defended the indefensible granting 54 homes on a Cranleigh flood plain for Thakeham homes.  The same ‘ex-perts’ that painted a blue line and pretended it was a pavement, instead of a proper pavement, for the Baker Oates development in Boundstone, Farnham.

The councillor who describes himself as ‘the Cranleigh lorry driver’ owner of Stennetts Transport, described the proposed, so-called  highway improvements, as dangerous. Warning HGV’s would be forced to drive on the wrong side of the road, facing oncoming traffic . The same road used daily by Ockley brick lorries – click on the link below to see just how many more lorries!

.Is another ‘horrendous’ scheme on its way to the MAD WORLD THAT IS THE.. East of Waverley?

But after the application was refused – the officers warned that traffic concerns should NOT be used as grounds for refusal – because – the ex-perts had a different view! And there was a strong chance there would be another APPEAL!









2 thoughts on “By Jove – Waverley Planners have broken the habit of a life-time and REFUSED a development in the east.”

  1. Road safety experts must be held accountable and obliged to publish their risk assessments so that their assumptions can be evaluated.

    There is always a multifunction consequence of danger at a road junction.

  2. We wholeheartedly agree, sadly every time the highway authority make a mistake it is the motorist who pays – sometimes with there lives! There is no accountability in this country – for anything. We wonder if anyone will be accountable for all those ‘experts’ on Grenfell Towers?

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