Tanking up Cranleigh style?

The Streets of Cranleigh are full of shoppers? motorists? No – Poo lorries!

just to put you in the mood listen here- it really is rain, honest and truly!

Just another daily run to deal with a little local problem known locally as SH*tgate as yet another tanker turns up to pump out the sewers and take it away to Outer Poo land? Definitely not Poland – all their is coming here!


This little tanker, well actually quite a big tanker really, is pumping out the sewers in the Littlemead Industrial Estate, adjacent to the   75 homes granted recently by Your Waverley at Little Meadow adjacent to the proposed 425 Berkeley Homes,  Cranleigh supported by Councillors Stennetts’ and Brian Ellis (Mary, Mary fought like a tiger  to stop another green field biting the dust but failed, and was given a sharp rebuke by Brian Ellis  for `’insulting him.” Perish the thought that anyone would?

Whilst Waverley Planners – wholly supported by our four “powerful” their words not ours, borough councillors the Stennett duo and Brian Ellis, continue to support yet more development in Cranleigh along comes  Thames Water which has  just confirmed that it is not prepared to withdraw its objection to a condition  imposed on Cala Homes  125 at Amlets Park being removed. Oh dear!

Cala wants  to have a pre commencement Grampian style condition changed to – yes you guessed folks – a post development condition! And although “Your Waverley” are quite confident that it can just keep adding to Cranleigh’s  sh** pit – Thames Water is now …

not quite so sure?

So to keep itself out of the mucky brown stuff, it isn’t going to allow the condition to be removed.  Wonder what Liz the Biz, Waverley chief honcho will do now?

In other words for the uninitiated – Cala Homes cannot  build 125 homes at Amlets Park – unless Thames Water can  show that  it can deal with a couple of Olympic size swimming pools of effluent into a sewage works that cannot cope. It hoped that by the time the buyers arrived  Thames Water will have got its act together and upgraded the Elmbridge Road Poo Factory.  Obviously be objecting to the condition being removed TW is not quite so confident as it was when it told Waverley Officers it could manage Cranleigh’s little elephant in the room.

Read here:Don’t let poo get in the way of progress – eh Waverley?


5 thoughts on “Tanking up Cranleigh style?”

  1. Lets hope that TW keep to what they have said and are not bullied into changing their objection. I was speaking with a resident of Broadbridge Heath recently and he told me that before one of the large developments was approved there, a condition was that a parade of shops, school and health centre would be built on completion, well guess what – they cannot do it now as they say they have run out of money, nothing changes pounds in pockets quick Olympic run and gone, leaving the local people who pay local council tax to deal with the problems.

    1. Yes, we have just made some checks on the West Sussex County Times website, and you are absolutely right. Apparently children from the area are travelling across the county to Storrington and beyond as local schools cannot cope. No new GP surgery either; Cynical maybe, but only believe it when you see it – don’t you agree? If developers do not comply with conditions, they should not be allowed to sell the houses, sure thing that then the infrastructure would be provided! If…and it is a big if… Waverley Planners do not remove the condition the houses cannot be occupied even if they are built. So be it!

      1. what is the saying st*t runs downhill and we all know where it end up, certainly not with the powerful people in high places that make the decisions.

  2. Presumably anybody that has fought so hard to stop greenbelt development on sites across the East of the borough will do the same for the unsustainable massive housing estate proposed at Springbok?

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