The Omen is… roamin’!


Our erstwhile colleague Damien Roberts  – Strategic Director of ‘Your Waverley’ –  known within Waverley’s walls as The Omen – and outside as the ‘silent  assassin’ is leaving the sinking ship.

He takes his leave of ‘Your Waverley’ in a couple of months – no surprise there then and he will be closely followed by a few others, about whom we  will brief you later.

So ‘sad’ is he to be leaving the Good Ship Waverley, at such ‘an exciting time’ in the wake of the departure of his Chief Executive colleague Wen’amI’leaving (Paul Wenham), and the arrival of a new Managing Director (how many more titles for the head honcho will they come up with), that The Omen has put out a little missive to his friends and admirers.

I wanted to let you know that I have been offered a new role at Epsom and Ewell Council as their Chief Operating Officer and have decided to accept.

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2 thoughts on “The Omen is… roamin’!”

  1. Is he saying Epsom & Ewell head hunted him or he went looking? Whatever way I feel sorry for the residents there, especially those who use Meals on Wheels as no doubt it will soon be gone along with any local Age Concern branch.

    Only Graeme Clark to go and the 3 people who told the Councillors it was ok to lie about “don’t mention the fraud” will be a dim and distant memory. I hope the new broom is responsible for all the activity in staff turn over.

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