More “affordable homes” on their way to Godawfulming?

Whilst promoting national house builders is usually at the bottom of our ‘to do list’ – we thought our readers would like a glimpse of the imaginative and architectural genius revealed in some of the homes now being built by Cala Homes at Ockford Park in Godalming.

Unlike Pete Seeger’s famous song – ‘there’s a green one and a pink one…’ Cala Homes appear to be fans of brown and grey – perhaps to suit the mood of our times?

However, the three-bedroom semi-detached homes priced at £500,500 could be just what young families looking for “affordable properties” are searching everywhere for? They just might be… right up their street?

Plot 6-3, Ockford Park, Godalming, Cala Homes South Home Counties

If you would like to see more of these aesthetically pleasing properties: follow this link:


5 thoughts on “More “affordable homes” on their way to Godawfulming?”

  1. Crikes – You would struggle to get more UGLY I would take the £10K John Lewis Voucher and run!!! – Who on earth approved these homes at Reserved Matters ??

  2. Cyclops comes to mind – one eyed monsters! Why just one ugly window at the front?? They are truly horrid – one of the worst designs of houses I think I have ever seen.

  3. You should see the things that have been built at the cranleigh alfold road end of the new estate (by footpath to Knowle Lane) think the totally black cladded one at the entrance is different (big understatement) let alone the white brickwork on some others. Been in the area for 40plus years and still cannot remember seeing anything resembling these designs.

    1. Thank you for writing to the Waverley Web Martin – we will take a trip over to Cranleigh as soon as we are allowed to travel over to your neck of the woods. In the meantime – perhaps you would be kind enough to send us a picture? We would be most grateful as we want to show our followers, here and abroad just how awful some of the new homes being built actually are.

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