Now listen carefully Dunsfold Park – we will say this … only once!

Rated Outstanding by Offsted and voted by the Good Schools  Guide as “The kind of School most parents searching  for an Autistic School can only dream of.”   Where is it? at Dunsfold Park on the same site where 100 Surrey companies also work and prosper!

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Alfold and a Dunsfold councillors aided  by their parish councils, and the Hascombe Bunch tried to block this amazing school’s  efforts to expand, but thanks to our more enlightened councillors at “Your Waverley” they failed. 

Why did they object – Were they born spiteful – or do they practice everyday to perfect the art of spitefulness?

Although its planning application sought a minor amendment to the internal space of a building for use by the Jigsaw School – Dunsfold Park fell  foul of a couple of Alfold and Dunsfold councillors appear to be determined to make life as difficult as possible for the borough’s largest employer and its tenants.

Alfold and Hascombe Parish Councils both objected to one of the finest Schools for Autistic children and young adults in the South East moving from its present  portacabins on the site into a  new purpose-built building.

Although permission was granted in 2015 for around 10,000 sq. m of business space, the councils planning committee was asked to make a “minor amendment” to the scheme by extending a mezzanine floor inside the building for the personal use of  Jigsaw, together with  some extra  car parking.

Councillor Kevin Deanus – who sounds more like his predecessor and chief string puller Betty Ames every day – claimed   the  car parking allocation of over 282 spaces for the whole building – should include 6%  for the disabled. Despite being told by officers this was not “Your Waverley’s” adopted car parking standard, he insisted this was a  National guideline – so should apply at Dunsfold Park. In fact, the same rule should apply to all parking on the site! 

Not satisfied with this bit of spite – because if 6% of all allocated parking in the borough must be for the disabled – developments are falling short everywhere? Including Waverley’s car parks, and the Memorial Hall, in Farnham!

Dunsfold Dummy Councillor John Gray then went on to call for the six monthly monitoring of  heavy goods and vehicle movement passing through Dunsfold’s gates be changed to fortnightly. Despite being told by officers, the applicants were submitting data requested and movements did not exceed that allowed.

 “Every two weeks!”  Well – why not – the authority could employ a couple of dozen more officers to monitor the traffic going in and out of Stovolds Hill!

So instead of counting sheep to sleep at night – let’s all count vehicle movements at Dunsfold Park followers. You  couldn’t make it up!

Every two weeks Oh Dunsfold Dummy! – What planet are you on? It took councillor Michael “Sleepy” Goodridge, Councillor Stewart Stennett and Councillor Mary Foryszewski – to read 50 Shades of Gray’s..horoscope and explain that in the real world – not Planet Zonk where he and Deanus exist, that HGV traffic movements come under an Operator’s licence and even reports every six months presently submitted were onerous on both the officers and the applicants.

Is that steam we can see coming out of the ears of Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 14.02.41.pngFlying Scotsman?

“After all Dunsfold Park is the borough’s largest employment site, set to increase, and where everything arrives on a truck” said Councillor Mary. And, said  officers,  where plans  had been submitted to increase the business and residential use! 




4 thoughts on “Now listen carefully Dunsfold Park – we will say this … only once!”

  1. You write amusingly but again I ask you PLEASE to get your facts right. Alfold and Hascombe Parish Councils have never objected to the expansion of Jigsaw and I have admiration for the school. Please correct the false accusation which you have published.

    1. Our Alfold observer witnessed the parish councils objection to ANY increase in space over and above that granted in the 2015 application, and particular reference to the Jigsaw School was made. However, WW accepts that the actual letters from the parish councils do not reflect this. This has been corrected, and the WW apologises for any inaccuracies in the article posted to-day. WW

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