Mea Culpa – Councillor David Else.


In our recent report on the disgraceful decision by ‘Your Waverley’s’ Joint Planning Committee to allow Thakeham Homes application to build  54 homes on one of the worst floodplains  in Cranleigh, we made a BIG MISTAKE. We inadvertently named the  councillor named above as having voted FOR the scheme rather than AGAINST, or did he just ABSTAIN?

Thakeham’s home – but certainly not dry!

Well Councillor Else we apologise for our error, and fully understand that you would not wish to have your name attached to such a disgraceful decision, and one which we here at the Waverley Web believe should be judicially reviewed!

However, in our defence, may we say, on our behalf, and on behalf of the borough’s voting fodder, that it was impossible to see or hear how anyone voted. Because the webcast was aimed into the borough hall walls! Exactly the  same walls that all the objectors including Cranleigh’s borough and parish councillors as well as the Civic Society, had been addressing for more than an hour!

It was also almost impossible to hear the actual voting, and you have a chairman, unlike your good self, who finds it impossible to communicate decisions properly and appears incapable of treating his colleagues with a modicum of respect.

At least we here at the Waverley Web apologise. Councillor Isherwood, and Councillor Frost  should publicly apologise to Councillor Hyman for their utter rudeness, when all the man was doing was attempting to stand up for those poor beleaguered souls over there in the East. Honesty, transparency… HUMBUG!

Here is just one comment, selected from the  dozens we have received, some far too insulting to print.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 19.06.27.png

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