Is there another Moat housing development in Cranleigh?

The well-known, Moat Housing Association that has already built properties in Cranleigh – now has a rival for the name.

Waverley Borough Council’s New Best Friend – Crest Nicholson – you know the developer  that, according to ‘Your Waverley”  intends  building ‘imminently’  on Flood Zone 3 in East Street in Farnham  has ben re-named by the locals over there in the East, because its homes come with their own moats!  This picture was taken after a drop of Summer rain!



Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 13.02.40.png
Des Res for sale complete with its own private moat! And… there are another 250 coming soon!!




2 thoughts on “Is there another Moat housing development in Cranleigh?”

  1. Are you daring to suggest that maybe-just maybe – our lovely planning dept. have got it wrong? Surely not, we all know what upstanding, honest and truthful officers they are!

  2. Don’t we just! But we have heard from a follower who attended MP Anne Milton’s meeting this afternoon – with a whole range of Waverley’s Statutory Consultees, including SCC and Thames Water in attendance, that – covering the countryside with concrete will improve the borough’s flooding issues! Dream on!

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