MP Anne Milton calls in the ‘experts’ to debate ‘Your Waverley’s blue asbestos issue.

It won’t have gone unnoticed that there are two major public inquiries taking place at the moment. One, instigated by Matron Milton herself – another £1m down the drain!

Legal eagles, planning, environmental, and transport professionals, and their council and developer funders   are racing around the borough like startled rabbits at present.  Some have been seen  dragging in their wake  trolley loads  of legal documents and enough paper work and files  to sink a ship – or in Alfold’s Care Ashore’s Appeal – enough convincing arguments to float their boat!

But as if that wasn’t enough during the Silly Season, when we should all be donning our Raybans and piling on the factor 50, yet another controversial meeting will be held. 

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Hey ho, hey ho, it’s off on hols we go!

 Isn’t this  perfectly timed? – With  half  the borough off on their annual holidays, the other  half at the public inquiries. But there’s no stopping  our Annie   getting the whip out… again… for a public meeting on Monday 2pm at Cranleigh Village Hall, to dig deep into ‘Your Waverley’s’ over-loaded sewers and dig even deeper in an effort  to unearth  the truth about  the Blue Asbestos that has been discovered  in the drinking water pipes around Cranleigh, Alfold, Ewhurst and ??? elsewhere in the borough.

No doubt The Secretary of State for Health MP Jeremy Hunt will pop along to determine whether his patch of the borough around our area in Farnham has the same problem?

You can read more about the issue here  on the brilliant Cranleigh Civic Society Website:

So, if you can drag yourself away from all the other excitement going on, pop along to Cranleigh Village Hall on Monday  to hear what the Drinking Water Inspectorate, the Health & Safety Executive, Thames Water, The Environment Agency, Cranleigh Civic Society  and Waverley Borough Council have to say for themselves?

Because last week the Cranleigh Civic Society warned ‘Your Waverley’ Planners if they continued to approve planning applications in the areas affected it would be a reportable offence to the `Health and Safety Executive.’ The Inspectors at both Inquiries say they want answers to their questions too!

Oh! Dear, it never rains but it pours – we here at the Waverley Web – will sadly be missing the fun – and like Incy  Wincy  spiders – we intend to climb up the spout where it’s dark and warm.

4 thoughts on “MP Anne Milton calls in the ‘experts’ to debate ‘Your Waverley’s blue asbestos issue.”

  1. Just glad I don’t drink the tap water! – Maybe that should be written on all the sinks of the New Builds – You know “Just in case”

  2. I have, as I said I would, been searching for more info on Blue Asbestos. In all the documents I have researched (UNH; CIPHE; IET & DCLG) the only relevant info appears to about it causing cancer if breathed in but it does not cause cancer if in drinking water. There seems to be little or no research into the tiny (miniscule) shards that can break away from Blue Asbestos when the water causes it to leach as opposed to the white fluffy version, and the damage these may or may not cause. If, therefore the “experts” are from Gov’t bodies I strongly suspect they will be trying to reassure people that there is no danger to their health when in fact there is not enough data to support either theory.

  3. I am sure WBC must have boffins to look into this and shouldn’t it be their responsibility? Why should you have to do their work for them? It annoys me that they seem to wash their hands of all responsibility. Health & Safety is Paramount Surely after recent events?????

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