Has Wen-Am-I-Leaving… Gone. Or just gone missing? It’s official – he’s GONE!

Here’s the post we wrote this morning.

Read the Press Release. Just posted.

Has a new replacement already been found to jump into the CEO’s hot seat in  the Wunderland that is Your  Waverley?

Remember – you heard it here first!

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 00.07.06.png

A day or two ago we put two and two together, believing we may have made five! In fact our maths was spot on – should have gone to… Bet Fred!

Is Wen-am-I leaving – about to… yes… leave?

We didn’t suggest you nipped down to Bet Fred, just in case the reason for AN EXTRAORDINARY MEETING  of ‘Your Waverley’ behind closed doors, was not to announce the imminent departure of Paul Wenham yet another Chief Executive ,  who needs time to develop their career,spend more time with their family, or retire?

But spot the face – if you can – because the Webcast swung around the Council Chamber all night, chopping off everyone’s heads – no pun intended – even focused on cars in Godalming High Street, and blank brick walls?  Mind you – ask Councillor Jerry – there are lots of those brick walls at ‘Your Waverley.’ He who dares to question,  comes up against them all the time!

And then – the doors were slammed – so we all await a Press Release!

Well, sitting next to the Mayor,  is non other than Damien Roberts, or ‘The smiling Assassin’ as he is more widely known – who has been slowly clambering up the greasy pole on his way into the top job ever since he arrived in Wunderland. Anyone spotted the 666’s.

Change of Culture? Never – just more of the same old, same old – daggers at dawn

Here’s a more flattering picture of The Omen that we used – after he killed off Age Concern Waverley – decimated the Meals on Wheels Service, and practically demolished the voluntary sector in his previous role in Croydon Council before being made redundant and…

left trousering £50,000. Ah! well – it’s all in a day’s work!AprilFool

Paul Wenham says he is passing on the baton – let’s hope for all our sakes it doesn’t get picked up By Waverley’s very own – OMEN?

Said the Croydon Council’s Union Leader at the time:

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 10.27.26.png










Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 18.28.48.png


8 thoughts on “Has Wen-Am-I-Leaving… Gone. Or just gone missing? It’s official – he’s GONE!”

  1. This creeping paralysis at WBC, where they seem unable to look beyond their noses (usually because they are in the trough) is frightening. Instead of more of the same why not someone like Richard Homewood who is fairly new to the Borough and appears to carry out his job without being affected by the inner politics, or better still get someone whose whole career has been outside of local Government, you know a person who has actually had to work for a living.

  2. Seen your confirmation; question is was there any trousering of OUR money involved and what about pension. Are we going to be told or left in the dark as usual.

  3. You have heard that saying, keep mushrooms in the dark and throw a shovel load of sh1t over them every now and again! Will we every know ? Yes, we WILL – because even employees of ‘Your Waverley’ now feel confident enough to speak out!

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