It must be Election Day – because Aunty Elsey’s trolling Dr Irvine!

Who would have thought the Waverley Councillors would have time to pop up on Dr Louise’s Facebook trolling all the comments this week? Clearly rattled was the Elstead troll Jenny Else:

Just one of the screenshots of the trolling comments enclosed on Louise’s Facebook, after a rather heated hustings in Farnham.

Are the TT’s getting worried? Must be because of this sign found to-day in Godalming! 


Health Warning: Not suitable for children or people of a nervous disposition.

P.S don’t be put off by the ‘Your Waverley’ Picture – this is what she looks like before she has been air brushed! More like  vacuumed! WWethinks! 

Still .. Aunty Elsey does have a very broad brush of all the local political issues … just listen to her spouting rubbish at ‘Your Waverley.’ Particularly when she is speaking of Surreys Dormitory Dependables! Commuter land Culturebuffs  Do we have a Cultural Strategy or do we have 230 pages weighing over – 600 grams – of expensive tripe?Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 13.45.01Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 15.47.03.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-07 at 15.45.43.png

4 thoughts on “It must be Election Day – because Aunty Elsey’s trolling Dr Irvine!”

  1. These people should listen to LBC’s millennial debate from 5rd June (available via goggle). 4 young representatives from Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems and UKIP managed nearly an hour of debate and taking questions from the public without being rude, interrupting our shouting over each other.

    I was also at the Farnham Hustings and found a large number of people in the audience appalling in their behaviour, in fact I would say they were a rabble.

    As for Louise Irvine, while Jeremy Hunt and Mark Webber spoke about immigration numbers she was the one who referred to immigrants. She also said in one breath that she wanted freedom of movement and in the next that population growth was putting a strain on the NHS, education and housing. If she cannot understand the correlation then she should not speak on such matters, if we do not know the numbers we cannot provide the infrastructure, this is not rocket science and is certainly not racist.

  2. What a pity Elsie’s lack of basic education didn’t include the ability to spell, e.g. “practices”, “Acadamies” and “provided”! How do these ignoramuses get elected!

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