Has the march of the Independent voice of Surrey Residents’ begun?

There are 81 divisions in ‘Your Surrey’ and the Tories are back in control but the county elections have not followed the national trend.

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The biggest shock in the County came in true blue Farnham – which decisively threw out its Conservative Candidates – some of whom had served the market town for  many years.

Farnham Central – Defrosted!

 Farnham  Residents have put a very real stamp on the local political scene – with veteran Tory Pat Frost losing her seat to Farnham Residents’ Andy MacLeod who polled 1,754 votes to Mrs Frost’s 1,057 She was beaten into third place by Jo Aylwin Liberal Democrat – 1085.

The turnout was higher than average at 41%

Farnham North

Denise Le-Gal’s (pictured below) former SCC seat contested by her Conservative colleague Mike Hodge was snatched by Stephen Spence  also of the Farnham Residents’ underlining the dissatisfaction Farnham folk now have  with their  Tory masters.

Farnham South

John Ward – Farnham Residents   narrowly missed a landslide when    he narrowly lost his fight to gain another  seat  for Farnham Residents’ by losing by just 63 votes – 1,463 to the sitting Conservative Wyatt Ramsdale Conservative – 1526.

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Farnham Residents’ have wiped the smiles off these Conservative faces – and there’s more of this to come! Watch out Waverley – here they come!

Godalming North

Penny Rivers took the seat for the Liberal Democrats -1895 from Conservative Steve Cosser (1656).

Cranleigh & Ewhurst

Andrew Povey, Conservative – 2094,  Richard Cole Liberal Democrat 1098.

Guildford North

Angela Marie Goodwin, Liberal Democrat  polling 1564

Guildford South-West 

Liberal Democrats David Goodwin 1,975 ousting Bob Hughes the Chairman of the Guildford Conservative Association (1128)

Guildford West

Saw Fiona Jean White – Liberal Democrat bucking the national trend winning the seat with 955 votes.

Stanwell and Stanwell Moor

Labour’s Robert Evans  took the seat with 1294

The Dittons 

Went to another Residents’ Association Candidate Nick Darby of the  Weston Green Residents Association. Polling 2,515 votes to his nearest opponent Bruce Finch Conservative (1001).

West Ewell

Went to Jan Mason – Residents’ Association and Independent with asm overwhelming majority of 1,592 from her nearest rival 729.

West Molesey

Ernest Mallett – The Molesey Residents’ Association – 1763 from his nearest rival Conservative’s Steve Bax 1,201.


Chris Townsend Ashstead Independent/Ashstead Residents’ 2,763 Chris Hunt Conservative (1,777).

Caterham Valley

David John Lee -Liberal Democrat 1,589; Michal Cooper, Conservative (1,343)

Caterham Hill

ChrisBotton  Liberal Democrat 1738


Dorking Halls

Hazel Watson Liberal Democrat – 2906, Conservative David `Mir Conservative, 1675.

Dorking South and the Holmwoods.

Stephen Cooksey Liberal Democrats – 2261, Roger Jones, Conservative -1,466


The Residents Association of Epsom & Ewell polled a huge majority of 2,579 a mile in front of its nearest opponent – Conservative with 732 votes.

Nork & Tattenhams

Nik Harrison – Residents’ Association/Independent 2,470 – Alex Clarke, Conservative 971.

Redhill  East

Jonathan Christopher St Aubin Essex, Green Party 1,849 Frank Kelly – conservative – 879.

Woking South

Will Forster – Liberal Democrat – 2271, Paul Saper Conservative – 1423.

Tally Conservatives – 61. Liberal Democrats- 9. Residents’ Associations –  5; Labour Party 1 and Greens 1.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 19.34.20.png

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