Has the thorn in ‘Your Waverley’s side been temporarily removed?

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This is a blog we published on the Waverley Web ten days ago following a meeting of “your Waverley’s” Full Council meeting. The following day the thorn in ‘YW’s side suffered a major heart attack and under went emergency surgery at Frimely Park Hospital, in Camberley.

Thankfully Jerry Hyman,  who has proved imself to be a  stalwart of the ‘Farnham Residents  Group representing the people of Farnham is now recovering  at home.

Hang your heads in shame Waverley Borough Council!

You are everything The former Prime Minister Theresa May said about Conservatives being – ‘The Nasty Party.’

Enough said!

Read it here… please… 

Local democracy is dead – long live local democracy – ‘Your Waverley’s’ way.

4 thoughts on “Has the thorn in ‘Your Waverley’s side been temporarily removed?”

    1. Yes, I am sure most of us wish Jerry a speedy recovery so that he can get back in that council chamber and actually stand up for the people he represents. Show the bullies what you are made of `mungo!

      1. When Jerry is well enough but not before. Some things are more important than politics.

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