Are you as sick of Sobbing women and men as they are over in Cranleigh and the Eastern villages?


Sing-along with Brian  ‘Your Waverley’s’ very own Howard Keel! 

The last thing those over in the East of the borough want to hear are Waverley bloody councillors sobbing  into their cornflakes over the misery they are inflicting on those “poor old villages in the East”


Councillor Anna James (Witley/Hambledon ) pictured above in a warm embrace with Planning Portfolio Holder Brian Adams  (Frensham/Dockenfield & Tilford ) joined the Sobbing women brigade when  she helped him dump another 265 houses on Cranleigh last week.

 But whilst joining  the overflowing  “Chamber Pot” of councillors that is now ‘Your Waverley’ she smugly said how “very sorry” she was for   Cranleigh and the villages –

 ” I feel sorry in my hScreen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.00.19.pngeart for the people  of Cranleigh,”

she cried into her  microphone. and continued  ….       saying said she had only been a councillor for  five years and all she had heard from the get-go  was  “Cranleigh’s expansion.”  First one development then another, the place was just getting wider and wider – a bit like Bordon in Hampshire.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 16.16.56.png

 Ending with – yes you guessed – “I feel really feel very sorry for Cranleigh and my heart goes out ………………..!” Well your heart may go out but it certainly doesn’t stop your hand going up, does it?

Followed by “I have every sympathy…………. Yeah,  we get it…Yadah, yadah, yada  You’re  really, really, really sorry for Cranleigh – instead of crying crocodile  tears, why don’t you  just shut the hell up and give the place a break,  why don’t you!

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 23.22.24.png

Well Councillor James, be afraid be very afraid, because if Dunsfold goes down, and we at Waverley Web think it’s all over bar the shouting at Dunsfold since the Deputy Dominatrix stuck her nose in, then there’s going to be a bloody great HOLE in the daft local Plan that’s going to be filled by dipping into the Green Belt. Which could herald development in fortress CHIDDINGFOLD, Milford, Elstead, Haslemere, around Godalming, over here in Farnham’s fields and even in Bramley, where the Green Belt has already been sacrificed… ask By-Pass Byham, who was  only too happy to offer it up like a sacrificial lamb in aid of his Tory-Tosser friend!

Then John Gray (Dunsfold) joined the sobbing women, saying how sorry he was for Cranleigh – but not  sorry enough to vote against more homes going onto green fields! Of course not… he’s too busy  protecting  that ruddy great Brown field on his doorstep! Whilst voting twice this year for development in the – GREEN BELT!

 Councillor May Foryszewski’s response to all the sobbing was – “I just cannot believe what I am hearing here tonight!” Really? Really? Really? – Come on, Cranleigh’s very  own Valkyrie, how long have you been listening to this? It’s par for the course! And, let’s face it  your colleagues aren’t going to give up until the East and the West are  covered in concrete! Perhaps you should be having some strong words with you TT colleagues?

 Oh Carole (Cockburn) then joined the sodding sobbers, saying she felt a bit like Cranleigh people – “Punch drunk.” and then proceeded to stick her Farnham  mit in the air, saying when it was refused “last time” it was “isolated” but now that all the other sites had been allowed around it, this was no longer the case! 

Then afterwards, they all went asobbing  into their G & T’s whilst the Champagne corks popped for the Flying Dutchman’s –  who is just another GRQ- Cranleigh developer.

And the sad thing is, there’s more to come, much more! Watch this space,  cos  you aint seen nothing yet!

  • another 20 or so on the Infant School site in Church Lane.
  • Around 90 on the Junior School site in the centre of the High Street off Parsonage Road,
  • Another extension to Horsham Road by Crest Nicholson (100);

But bring it all on why don’t you, because according to the late Cranleigh Councillor Brian Ellis,  shopkeepers – “need more foot fall.” May he Rest in …..?

At this rate, footfall is all anyone is going to get in Cranleigh because the traffic from these developments is going to create the mother of all snarl ups. Maybe that’s the secret plan: bumper- to – bumper traffic in Cranleigh to ensure motorists look in the shop windows at they attempt to negotiate the High Street. Never mind, drive-ins, in Cranleigh it could be drive-bye…bye!

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