Nightmare on Elm Park thanks to Cranleigh’s Little Povey.

Sometimes, here at the Waverley Web, we cannot help wondering whether the voting fodder seriously considers who they are backing at elections.

Indeed, some of the residents of Elm Park in Cranleigh are reconsidering where to drop their cross if Dr Povey rides again in an attempt to represent them by snaffling a local government seat.

Our Little Povey  on his high horse.

Why do we hear you cry? During the most recent election, Dr Povey told residents that although his colleagues had kicked him out as the Tory leader of Surrey County Council, he had a PhD and was a hard-working, valued and experienced politician with the interests of Cranleigh at heart.

So much so that when the residents of the flats and maisonettes at Elm Park decided they wanted to form a Management Company to clean up one of the first housing developments built in the village that has begun to look a little tired, Buy-to-Let Landlord Dr P with the PhD, with property there, threatened them with legal action.

The Barratt Estate off Elmbridge Road is now 40 years old and beginning to show its age.

It has taken four very long years for the residents to set up a management company, with the help of local estate agent Christian Reid.

With the agreement of most residents, eager to deal with gutters, outside decoration and maintenance to improve the appearance of buildings and common areas everything was set to go. Then along gallops Dr Andrew Povey and kicked them into touch.

  • Key points for Elm Park:
     Right to Manage  (RTM) is the legal right for leaseholders to take over and look after their development provided 50% of leaseholders agree, it can proceed even if the others object.
  • First Port was the original managing agent, assigned by E&M (freeholder) but did nothing to enforce leaseholders to look after the building and communal grounds.
  •  It has taken 4 years to complete the RTM and was finally assigned in July 2022 when all leaseholders were invited to be part of the process.
  •  Only once the budget has been sent (carefully calculated with Christian Reid and following RICS calculated formula) has Our Little Povey piped up to cause maximum disruption.
  •  Properties are at risk of not being saleable or mortgageable without the RTM in place.

Neigh! Says Dr P who rents out No 3 – a 45 sq m one-bed studio flat he bought in 2008 for £100,000  to a family of four disruptive tenants through Ethical Lettings to Waverley Borough Council for a tidy sum no doubt. Is this legal, certainly not ethical.? Kerching! A flat where the local drug dealer regularly drops off a new supply which the Police repeatedly ignore.

Said a resident

“Dr Povey made it quite clear from the start that he would not be involved. Thankfully we don’t need him  to set up the Company limited by guarantee, because we need only  50% and we have 12 of the 14 owners of the flats and studios in agreement. All we wanted was a little money from leasholders to improve the general appearance of our properties because we have pride in the place where we live. All  we asked residents or landlords for is £20 pm to bring in contractors to assist us removing brambles around the car parks and doing a general tidy up.

Would anyone want to rent a property from this landlord, who seemingly doesn’t care what the place looks like as long as he can pocket the cash?”

He added that other landlords had jumped at the opportunity to join, but now Dr Povey’s threat of legal action to stop the enterprise could mean the initiative could fall at the last fence.

“We were all ready to go, we even have quotes from local contractors to start work, and were all excited at the prospect of improving our part of Elm Park. Now we are fearful of what to do next.”

Ever heard the one about the no-confidence vote in the Leader of Surrey County Council?

Can you believe it? In 2022 TWO THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY-EIGHT Cranleigh & Ewhurst PEOPLE VOTED FOR THIS MAN to represent them at Surrey County Council.

 Here’s who was backing him – wisely, at a safe distance?

Cranleigh & Ewhurst – results
Election Candidate Party Votes % Outcome
 Elizabeth Ann [Liz] TOWNSEND Liberal Democrats 2318 46.5% Elected
 Andrew Frank POVEY Conservative 2198 44.1% Not elected

Come on Dr Povey with a PhD: didn’t all that grand learning teach you to play nicely and be a good neighbour and landlord?  Or are you just another academic who has learned more and more about less and less and now knows everything about nothing?!


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